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Harbingers of our own demise

Guest scott essery

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Guest 115-1005574997

Sometimes the truth is hard to swallow but lets face facts. If wanna had moderated the page properly and kicked off the idiots like me, Cyber Snott, et al then all the good ole boys would still be posting.  I assume that you mean Sorin, dave, nick, heath, clayton, tom black, Gazza etc etc. I think that people like oldguy have a lot to answer for.  that guy is a fool.  he offended a lot of the really good blokes and now they don't want to know.  How about moderating the board properly wanna?  

To be honest we have probably played a instrumental part in the boards destruction in our own way    ???

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Guest Jeff Roark

I may have not been the greatest contributor probably closer to the worst, but I agree with you Scott. You were one in particular that made me hardly ever come here. I also get sick of reading Snotts canned advice, MOHS bible blah,blahblah. Nothing here is original anymore. Look at Rick Walkers thread about forearm help, it turned into a Flex discussion. If you do post something half way decent it doesn't get any answer unless you are in the click. So to my freinds here good luck with your goals. This place has met its maker.

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I think if you look at the forums that have withstood the test of time-Jason Burnell's deepsquatter.com, Dr. Squats Q&A, and even the Rottweiler forum I frequent-they all hold one thing in common:Swift moderation.

I think everybody has a right to join a forum and post on a forum-but when it starts getting out of hand, like this, then the moderators need to step in a wipe the slate clean.

Wannagrip-if you are concerned about the big boys not posting any more-maybe you should email them and find out why.  If they dont like certain people-deal with it.

I have a simple reason for not being here-I am busy.  I am starting school again, trying to get my rottie her CD, training more kids, hunting, etc.  I could really care less about the so called "trouble makers".  No one on this board bothers me enough to kick them off.  I tolerate everyone and just don't read someone's post if it is crap.  I refuse to name names as I have recieved help from a number of people-too many to count!  Your feet are going to get stepped on now and again-we arent always going to get along.

I agree Wannagrip-I hardly recognize anyone either and I have only been a member for 10 months.  I dont mind newbies-and sometimes learn from their posts.  But, I can see the "big dogs" coming here-seeing a bunch of newbies and crappy posts-and just leaving.  I mean-if you are crushing the SE, linching 100+ pounds in one hand, or levering huge hammers-you really dont want to read stuff about forearm size-My bad.

Oh well-the board is cool-I enjoyed my ride.  99.9% of all the people on here have been great and have helped me out.  Thanks to everyone-

Keep reading Milo-

Rick Walker :hehe

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Come on guys, GET A GRIP. (pun intended) I hope this forum does not close. I have learned a lot from all the old posts and new ones alike. Do some of you dislike other members that much? If so, then don't read their posts if it will make you angry. I do agree however that if you are not part of a clique or have closed the #3's then your posts will go unanswered. I think it is up to the forum leaders to log on often, read all the boards, and answer all the topics that have 0 for replies, for they were new to all this at one time and had to learn. I do not think that they should kick some people that other people do not like, just for that reason alone. If someone wants to continue to post something that works for them, then so be it. They are entitled to their opinion. I'm am new here and that has not bothered me when I read those types of posts or replies. Thank You

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Oh, one more thing. I have been reading a lot of the old posts, and there is a lot of them. I have not gotten the impression through Old Guy's posts or replies of him offending anybody. I think that he is actually very entertaining. I have laughed out loud on many occasions after reading his posts.

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What ever happened to freedom of speech.If you don't like the post don't reply to it.There are plenty of posts to look at.

Just because your not a world record holder, does not mean you hav'nt got an opinion or a valid point of view.



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When I first discovered the joys of grip training it was with the passion and excitement of first discovering women.  In the past, I started power-lifting as a kid and won city level competitions for High School kids, but as college came around I fell out of weight training.  When college and the army came about, I started a commitment to lifting again, but more in the Men’s Health style of lifting.  Then, it was for ego and image, and wasn’t too serious.  

   It wasn’t until grip training that I realized what true strength was, and it motivated me to get back to the gym and start training for real, raw strength.  Now, I’m breaking old PR’s from when I was 60lbs heavier and 7 years younger.  The foundation of what keeps me going, is grip training.  

   Every day, the first thing I do when I get to work, is open The Gripboard, and read everything, even re-read old posts, and re-read the re-read posts.  Each time I learn something new, and each time it fires me up to tackle my next grip session with an even heightened intensity.  

   When I first started reading, the board had some great topics by the “gripboard veterans”, and my grip knowledge exponentially increased.  But now, I must agree that topics and posts seem to be more conversations, humor, and trivial statements.  My newbie posts are guilty of this, and due to the recent statements, I will personally refine what I post if I do feel the need to again.  

    I would see the closing of the grip board as a personal tragedy, much like someone canceling my Playboy subscription.  A valuable asset (the grip page, not Playboy) that keeps me grip training and lifting would be lost.  I’m sure I wouldn’t stop, but this page is the single outlet for the “small family of grip trainers”, and its cancellation would be a kick-in-the-pants for the growing popularity of grip training.

   I also agree that moderation needs to be increased, or the new gripping population needs to be reminded about what this board is for: to increase the general knowledge of the developing world of grip training.  It isn’t a site to bicker, insult, or converse, but instead to teach and learn.

   My two cents.  Keep on training guys, and keep the gripboard alive.

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Jeff Roark,

Hey brother, if you don't like it here... you can leave.  We can have about three newbies replace you in no time.

Sometimes I can be redundant.  Remember this, however...  CLASSIC ADVICE NEVER GOES OUT OF STYLE.  NEVER.  Brookfield wrote the book on it.  I refer others to that very book.  Do you have a problem with that??

It's like your girlfriend asking you, "Do you love me?".  Well, of course you do.  And she knows it... BUT... she still wants to hear it... from you.  So you say it to her.  Again.  For the 11 millionth time.  And she is happy.

Like I've said it before, I come here everyday.  And some people don't like what I have to say.  If you don't, then don't read it (or respond to it).  I have the proper credentials to be here, so I talk about MY experiences, and how they may relate to you.  I've helped numerous people on this forum, and I learn from all of you.  Isn't that what it's all about here anyway??  ???

If this is a doomed ship, you are welcome to jump overboard and swim back to land.  That goes for OldGuy too.  We are NOT sinking, and Captain Wannagrip is setting sail for Grip Island.  You are welcomed to join us if you want!  :)

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Guest Harlan Jacobs

Not long after I first came to this board , I was working on some grip exercise( won't mention what) I emailed a guy to ask questions about it. He got back with me and gave me some idea's. I wrote back to him about a month later and told him of the advances I had made with the help he gave me. He then proceded to tell me that what I had done, He could do in a much harder fashion. So , at that time I thought I may be new to grip work, But I can hold my own with just about anybody in the gym, and I don't need some 180 lb guy talking smack to me. But then I realized I think it was is honesty that made me mad. Him being able to do somthing that I couldn't.  That was  hard for me to swallow. I had no idea at that time how much out of my leauge I was in. I think we have the samr problem here now. Guys talk of lifts they are doing and people get mad because there ego gets the best of them. Everybody needs to learn what it has taken me 43 years to learn YOU CAN'T BE MAN AT EVERTHING.  So keep your ears open and your mind clear , and maybe you might learn something.

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Harlan, so true so true.  :)

Maybe you can help me with MY problem(s).

I just found out I can't DL 900 pounds.  Wait, it gets worse.

I can't BP 700 pounds!  Wait!  It gets worse!!

I can't squat 600 pounds for reps!!  PLEASE!!!  I'm useless!!!

There is hope for me.  I am working on all of my lifts, and I consider what I do progress (at least for me it is).  I am also learning things like... I won't be the next Paul Anderson or the next Bill Kazmaier.  Any or all progress I make I consider a personal victory.  It's nothing to brag about (yet), and I know that there are guys younger than I am lifting weights now that I'll probably never come close to.  So what?

Make your goals.  Lift your weights.  And above all... don't despair.  Weightlifting (like grip training) is a journey, not a destination.  :)

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