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Sadly, The Nails Never Arrived From Tim


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Well as the topic title states I sadly never received the group of 60D nails that Tim sent me. Even though it has been quite a while now, I still check the mail box every few days hoping that the package will arrive. :( Well I sure hope whoever received the package uses those nails well. Especially the mutant 60D.

Even though they got lost in the mail, I still appreciate the fact that you gave up some of your good nails to a newbie bender like myself. Thanks Tim.

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That sucks John! Very cool of Tim to send them out. You probably have a mailman that's getting in some great bending workouts, haha! Just kidding of course. Tim is a PO employee if I remember right. My father-in-law is too. They put up with a lot of crap.

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That stinks!! :angry: Tim was kind enough to send me a whole slew of awesome nails and steel when I first started bending. He's a world class bender, and a great guy to boot!! :D:rock

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im starting to worry that the steel i ordered from FBBC have gotten lost in the mail :( 140 dollars out the window... fun

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