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New Pr On The "fantastic" 0-1 Drillrod....


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Hey guys,

Had a pretty solid bending session last night. Just had a rough DL workout the day before(300 lbs. for 5 reps, 6 sets), so I was a bit tired, but still did pretty good anyways.

Took the 6'' x 3/8'' steelworks CRS to 2 3/4'' again, but not in any hurry. Didn't kink it nearly as fast as last time, so I basically bent the whole thing cold. 3/8'' death is coming soon!! :rock

3/8'' CRS to 2 3/4'' pic

Gave the 6'' big G8 another ride, and kinked it farther than last time, so any progress is good I guess.

Big G8 damage pic 1

Big G8 damage pic 2

Had a PR on the "fantastic" 0-1 drillrod as well. Took it to 2 3/8'' this time!! Last time I think I got it to 2 3/4 maybe? I can't remember. This stuff really loads up on the crush!! :blink

"fantastic" O-1 drillrod to 2 3/8''

"fantastic" 0-1 drillrod vid

Finally, I cooled down with a 6'' edgin. I was totally drenched with sweat, and exhausted beyond belief by this point, so I was happy to get it 3''. By that point, my muscles refused to crush it down, and I was feeling a blister beginning to form, so I put up the wraps for the night.

Pic of all the night's carnage

I thought I was done, but decided to beat my self into oblivion!! :rock So, I dug out a DC1 and took it past 180 with the last bit of strength I had left. This was the first shoe I had done in forever, so it was nice to see it go down so easy.

DC1 past 180

Check out the pics and vids! Later! :cool

God Bless,

Fox <><

EDIT- that's the wrong edgin in the pic!! That's a 4 7/8'' JH one I have been working on....)

Edited by Foxman
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Whew! Nice job Jeremiah! You seem to have the same problem I do, tons of kinked stuff laying about and not one you can crush :happy

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Holy crap that's some crazy bending there man!!! You should knock the Fantastic out of the park in your sleep since you're doing the same pretty much with the Drill Rod! I think my favorite bend in your lineup is actually the shorty Edgin.

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WOW :blink:bow:blink:bow. Thats absolutely sick Jeremiah. Im with Ben, go for the fantastic cert

Thanks for the kind words Josh! I would love to go for the Fantastic cert, but I need to order some more bastard stock first, as I am completely out!! :(

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Heck of a workout there Foxman. :rock That one drillrod looks like a bend from end to end (not much straight bar left). :blink

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Great job! Man I can't fathom those crazy short bends like that.

You guys are rocking on this stuff.


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For some reason I didn't notice it at first, but that Fantastic O-1 is just one big arch!!! INCREDIBLE!!!

Edited by MalachiMcMullen
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Holy Mackeral thats a hell of a work out Jeremiah!!!Nice work!!! :mosher:mosher:mosher


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Thanks guys!! :cool I am slowly gaining on pretty much all of this stuff, so a few weeks and an "on" night will spell steel death for something here!!! :D

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