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Barehanded 60d Spiral

Bossie 308

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Inspired by Dave Wigren i decided to give a spiral 60d a try.I believe this is the same kind Adam Glass did with papertowels but not positive.

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Nice job Jim,How bad did it hurt :D any blood??? :rock

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Oh why are you doing that yourself? :unsure

Thge one video from early this year was the dull colored 60D spirials i got from Home depot last year. I am using 60D commons now, i dont recommend it to anyone.

Please do not start a fad of everyone doing this, there is a lot of risk involved and for those who have not toughened up the hands a lot it simply is not worth it.

just my 2 cents

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Cool to be an inspiration. That was an intense bend! I bet that crushdown sucked. Looked like you where trying to find a comfort zone and then after trying everything realized that there is no comfort zone.

But I have to echo some of what Adam said. Alot of risk involved in barehand bending. But I don't think that there is a big risk of anyone peircing their hands or cutting themselves up to bad. Since it's directly on your skin and if it starts to rip you would know it. But cuts are a big possibility, cuts that have a bigger chance of getting infekted. Ripped tendons are also a strong possibility. I start them DU and I feel that there is alot of pressure over a very small area on my pinkies. Also long term stuff with the nerve damage like loss of feeling and loss of fine motor skills.

Barehand bending is nothing for beginners. But if you've been bending for at least a year and want to try, go for it and be aware of the risks.

I seriously doubt there will be a fad of barehand bending. The pain and the risks will keep most people off

Again great job! That is no easy bend! :rock:rock:rock

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Thanks Dave !! Ive done one of these before when i was brace bending 60Ds with thin shoprage and my hands were nice and tough.This time seemed much harder !!! Spoiled from them leather pads !! Your definetly right no confort zone !!! Wasnt to bad though i could prob do a regular 60d if i cut the head off and file the point.That was the most pain the head digging in my hand.Left a imprint for like 2 hours !! I definetly dont reccomend it but i thought it was fun !!!!

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