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Close-the-gap Straps


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Hey all,

Being a sucker for everything grip, I ordered a set of the Close-the-Gap Straps. Any recommendations on which way I should go at the end of my gripper workout:

1) Drop down one level from the gripper I use for my regular sets. For example: sets with CoC#2, then CoC#1.5 with the straps for weight?

2) Use the same gripper for both. For example: sets with CoC#2, then CoC#2 with the straps for weight?

I don't think I'll be using the thicker strap much, I want to use the thinner one for overcrushing. (And no, I won't do regular overcrushes, I do them periodically anyway - just like choker closes. :))

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Do them with a gripper lower then your max for a higher time or higher weight. Doing them with a max gripper for only a few seconds is not doing what the exercise is intended for.

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Go to Home Depot and get a nylon strap.

Much cheaper and probably thinner.

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Do them with an gripper you can get 5-8 solid reps with and slowly add weight as the main advantage to them is being able to slowly increment the resistance vs jumping up to a much harder gripper...

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Im not a big fan of strapholds for time, I think adding weight is much better......time from memory is not in the strength equation. I think going for a gripper you can just shut is best, then add weight..keep doing this til the weight gets rediculous...20kg or more, of course the weight you can eventually load will depend on the gripper you use and your potential to get stronger, but that would be my approach...use a gripper you can just close for a single, then add weight, do that for 6 weeks and see where you are at with your goal gripper.

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