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Some More Gripper Work

Paul Knight

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Did another workout w/Casey today - I actually wasn't planning on doing much gripper work, but you know how that goes :rolleyes the main reason I went over there was to film Casey on his MM0, which should be getting the results on soon (good vid this time) and found myself working grippers too :laugh anyways - got three PR's today on grippers, TNS, CCS, and MMS. Closed a 154 #3 TNS, then CCS closed a 155 #3, then did a MMS close of a 177 #3.5 for a double - the double didn't come out real good on camera because my hand broke frame, but I managed to do it again later in front of Eric for two strict reps. :)

TNS close: 154 #3

Didn't have a good "bridge the gap" gripper, but I felt like I had more on this one: 155 #3

I have two 3.5's the one I got from Teemu which was the one you saw last week and this one: 177 #3.5 (BTW one leg is a little longer than the other - anyone else ever buy an IM gripper with the handles staggerd like that?)

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I hate you.

I got a #3.5 from IM with a pegged leg. I exchanged it for another, and Randall put up quite a fuss about it too.

You have like 20 grippers on the 170's and I can't for the life of me get a hold of one! :D

Excellent work! You get stronger every week!

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Nice work today Paul. Seems like every training sech you get new PR's. Keep on a roll man. :rock

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Very nice gripper work Paul! :rock

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Very nice work!!! :mosher:mosher:mosher


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