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Australian Grip Championships 2008


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Australian Grip Championships 2008

Date : 29/11/2008

Venue : Melbourne University, Parkville (see address below)

Entry fee : $20

Registration : 10:00am

Lifts commence : 10:15am

Events (in running order)


1. IM Strap lift (each hand contested)

2. 2HP (dave's Handle)

3. Weaver to Front/Weaver to Rear

4. IM Hub Lift (each hand contested)

5. DO Axle Lift

All events will be 4 attempts & rising bar. A detailed explanation & rules will be provided below.

Bonus event


Probably a Medley



The University of Melbourne

Victoria 3010

Street address:

Enter from Grattan Street,

Swanston Street or Elizabeth Street

in the Melbourne suburb of Parkville.

(Melway Ref. 2B & 43)

CAMPUS MAP (you will need this...the campus is huge!!)


Select 'Parkville - Main Campus' from the list of maps and the

comp will be held in the 'sports centre' shown in grid position '17C'

The room is on ground level about where the ‘0’ in 103 is on the map. It’s the room we got the chairs from during the VGC in March.



1st place $150 + trophy

2nd place $100 + trophy

3rd place $50 + trophy

Most determined lifter award

The comp is open to anyone who wishes to participate. For those who are concerned about the lack of early notice. . . .it can't be helped (next years AGC will be in June/July & the events will be finalised and announced before the end of this year).

Further info to follow.

Dave (event co-organizer)

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I like the ca$h price$ :cool

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looks like a good comp. I like the idea of contestig both hands on some of the one hand events.


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First prize will get me a Vulcan....wishes are free.

Mikael....You gonna compete?


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PLEASE NOTE: Running order of events has been changed to:

1. (10:00 - 11:00) straplift

2. (11:15 - 12:15) Hub

3. (12:30 - 13:15) 2HP

4. (13:30 - 14:15) Weaver to rear (one hand only)

5. (14:30 - 15:15) Weaver to front (opposite hand to above)

6. (15:30 - 16:15) Axle

Apologies. . .


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Event descriptions & rules are as below. If you have any queries please post them.

General rules:

Chalk, and weightlifting belts are permitted.

Straps, wraps, and tacky are not.

Each event will be contested on a rising bar basis.

Each competitor will have 4 attempts per hand or event in the case of 2HP and DO Axle Lift.

1. IM Strap lift (each hand contested)

Objective: To lift and load the weight onto a 4” high (10” square) wooden block.

Equipment: Standard IM load Pin, carabiner, 1.5 CoC gripper, thin IM Strap, choker (optional)


1. No part of the lifting arm below the elbow may touch any part of the body (including hip, thigh, or knee).

2. The free hand may be braced on the hip/thigh.

3. The block may be placed at the lifters discretion – however the weight must not be touching the block prior to commencing an attempt. It is the Chief Judges responsibility to ensure this.

4. A choker may be used to assist with setting the gripper. However this MUST be removed before the attempt commences.

5. The choker is a 78mm washer (internal dia. 42mm) and can be placed at the base of the spring legs with the result that the gripper is choked to around 35mm. The choker will be supplied on the day – no other chokers are permitted.

6. An attempt is deemed to have commenced at the point the lifter attempts to raise the weight from the floor.

7. The spring must not drop below the level of the handles (ie below parallel to the ground) at any stage during an attempt. The angle of the spring may vary during an attempt.

8. The lifter does not have to remain stationary during an attempt (ie. Steps are permitted).

9. Incidental contact between the weight and the block is permitted prior to lowering.

10. Once airborne the weight must not touch the ground.

11. There is no time limit to complete an attempt once the weight is airborne.

12. The weight must be lowered under control onto the block (no dropping). The strap is to be released once the weight has clearly been set down on the block.

13. The weight must remain on the block once lowered. In the event of it tipping off within 5 seconds of strap release a no lift will be declared. This includes a competitor accidentally knocking the weight off within the 5 seconds.

14. There is no down command. The chief judge will confirm/signal the lift’s status with the scorer upon completion of each attempt.

2. IM Hub Lift (each hand contested)

Objective: To deadlift the weight to lockout, pause for a down command, and then lower under control.

Equipment: Standard IM load Pin, carabiner, IM Hub (well used/seasoned).


1. No part of the lifting arm below the elbow may touch any part of the body (including hip, thigh, or knee).

2. Bracing of the free hand is permitted.

3. Lifter must remain stationary and upright until the down command is given.

4. Only the ends of the fingers and thumb are to be used to grip the hub. Like this:


5. The placement and splaying of the thumb and fingers are at the lifters discretion.

6. The lifter is free to bend their arm or cock their wrist as they see fit during an attempt – subject to being able to lift the weight to lockout.

7. At the down command the weight must be lowered under control (no dropping).

3. 2HP (Dave's Handle)

Objective: To deadlift the weight to an upright position, pause for a down command, and then lower under control.

Equipment: A seasoned 2 Hand Pinch Handle (50mm * 150mm * 5mm RHS – 250mm long), carabiner, Standard IM loading pin


1. No part of the handle or the hands are permitted to touch any part of the body.

2. A pinch grip (thumb one side, fingers the other) must be used.

3. The weight must not touch the ground once airborne.

4. Lifter must wait for a down command before lowering the weight.

5. Knees may remain slightly bent in the upright position (ie. Lifter need not completely lockout).

4. Weaver to Rear (one hand only)

George Russell Weaver popularised this wrist leverage test some 50 years ago whilst living in Brooklyn. A round stick (mop handle) is used which has the following dimensions – diameter about 1”, length 42”. Half an inch from one end cut a notch. Exactly 36” from the centre of this notch, circle the stick with a line. Get two metal right angles at a hardware store, and screw them into the top and bottom sides of the stick so that the rear edges of the right angles come exactly to the circled line. The topside of the stick is the side where the notch is cut. This leaves a handle just 5 ½” long.

The weight hangs from a wire in the notch ½” from the end, creating a leverage effect when you lift the stick by the handle. For the lift to the rear, you face away from the stick, grasping the handle with your little finger towards the weight, and lift the stick and weight off the table.

Objective: To lift the stick from the table to approximately (or above) parallel for a down command.

Equipment: Weaver stick, sturdy string.


1. No rocking of the stick on the table before lifting.

2. The lifters hand and arm must remain free of the body and the table.

3. Heel of the hand must remain on top of the stick throughout the lift.

4. The grip has to be a normal grip with the thumb opposing the fingers

5. If the weighted end initially slopes downwards the lifter may carry on with the attempt until the stick is level. However the stick may not any anytime revert to sloping downwards.

6. Lifter may bend forward as the lift is made.

7. Bracing of the free hand is NOT permitted.

8. Lifter must wait for a down command before lowering the stick.

5. Weaver Stick Lift to Front (opposite hand)

As per event 4

6. DO Axle Lift

Normal Deadlift rules apply, except the barbell is 2" thick, and both hands have to grasp the bar in an overhand grip (knuckles facing forward). A narrow grip is NOT permitted.

1. Hook gripping is not permitted.

2. Talc/chalk on the thighs is not permitted.

3. Heels and toes may rise.

4. Hitching of the weight is not permitted.

5. Lifter must wait for the referee's down command.

6. Weight must be lowered under control (absolutely no dropping).

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Unfortunately due several factors (one of them NOT being financial . . .heck all I spend my $ on these days is booze and grip!) I regret to advise that the comp has been CANCELLED. There is a possibilty it'll be rescheduled to mid next year. Should this occur details will be announced at a later stage.

My apologies for the relatively short notice and particularly to those who were training hard.

For those wanting to compete in a grip comp in Melbourne the good news is that there'll be one in Feb next year - see:



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Besides the feb comp there are also the monthly grip series comps here in melbourne, 2hp being this sunday!

An AGC will happen :rock

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