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Pinch Grip


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Could you guys help me work out the relative difficulties of various pinch feats? I've never really trianed pinch and want to start working on it more and was wondering which lifts to focus on. Also which lifts do you get the most carryover to others?

45lb dual hub lifts (Done)

50lb dual hub lifts

55lb dual hub lifts

4x10lb plates one handed(Done)

5x10lb plates one handed

2x25lb plates one handed(Done)

2x35lb plates one handed

2x45lb plates one handed

Also whats a good 2 handed pinch to work towards. I'll prolly just use 45's with a bar between(the Euro setup is a bit pricey)

I'm probably closest to the 50lb dual hub lift of all the ones I haven't done. 2x35lbs seemed really tough when I attempted it as did 5x10's

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The 5 10s lift is a feat and depends on the plates a lot.Also the dual 25's 35's and 45's hugely depends upon the plates

I was a at a competition in CT recently and one of the events was dual plate pinch with a bar through the middle one handed.I have tried dual 45's before and never budged them and I did not want to get greedy so I started with the 25's with 2.5 lbs plates on either end of the bar and I got it,But I could tell it was hard and I had not relised yet how slick the 25's were I jumped up to 25's and 5's I got that as well but reallly had to squeeze then I jumped another 5 for a total of 65lbs and I narrowly pulled it off they were very close to slipping.At that point all my attempts were up and I was watching others I was watching Joe and he had started with 70lbs two 35's So for kicks I thought I would try them to see if I could lift them and I got them no problem the texture on the 35's vs the 25's made all the diffrerence if I had started with the 35's I would have done much better Joe went all the way up to 85lbs the 35's witht the pipe plus 15lbs in plates and for kicks again I tried it at 85lbs and I lifted it half way up.

Of your list The dual 45's will be the toughest I belive

And the 5 10's will have blob carryover.

I have also heard 200lbs in the Euro pinch to be a very nice goal.


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