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2nd Attempt With New Wraps


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Well I couldn't help myself. I had to do some bending today. I had just recently purchased some leather but it seems that it is too soft and too thin. I just double wrapped it and it still seems about they same thickness as what I bent at BenCrush's place. I think I really screwed up on the leather purchase. Anyway, I just bent what I had in the awesome free grab bag that was given to me by Ben. A TON of 8 twist timber ties and a lot of non stainless 6" 60D nails. I bent 3 of the 4 timber ties very quickly but for some reason the second one I bent took me a while, very strange. I spent a full hour attempting to bend the 60D, which I have bent one before, but with no luck. I am completely blasted from this awesome workout. I probably tried to bend it a total of 12 different times. Too bad I could barely kink the dang thing! I bent for a couple of minutes then rested over and over and over again until I had to finally give up because of a new blister on my left hand. Nothing even close to what I inflicted on both of my hands last time. I have learned from that mistake. Ben I seriously need some help with my form again. When you were there to guide me I bent crap I never thought I could bend! I have been watching videos on youtube to get my wrapping better.

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Glad to hear you're back at it again John! Next time we meet up we'll do some intensive form training so it'll be ingrained in you. You still did some great iso work it sounds like! Enough to be stronger for next time.

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Some 60ds are very tough so great start!

Keep at it.


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