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Bending After Hands Healed, Kind Of


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Well after two weeks off after thrashing my palms during my first overhand bending at Ben's I went to Tandy leather and bought some leather. My hands have healed up relatively well. I broke out the 8 twist timer ties and crushed them in about 20 to 30 seconds. I felt good to be bending again. I do have some comments though. I don't know if I bought to thin or soft of leather but when I was bending it was uncomfortable as crud and I could feel the nail head and tip pushing into my hand. I will need to have Ben check it out in person to see if it is leather or if it is the person wrapping the leather. I attempted to bend a 60d and felt like I was bending a tire iron! I couldn't get much force on it because I couldn't stop focusing on the pain in my hands and worrying about tearing through the leather. I know that to get everything out of bending you have to give it 110% but I also don't want to injure myself. I will try it again soon.

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Sounds like the pads might be to thin. At first that was the only leather I could get myself localy and thought everyone was weird prefering leather over ironmind pads. But now I get my leather from John at FBBC. Much better.

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John I use suede 3 to 4 once to wrap the steel and 5 to 6 once to wrap that. I learned from Scott Harris he is the wrap KING get with him he will give the tip's you need. And the great thing is you know were he live's !!!!! :D

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Yeah, it just sounds like the leather is too thin John. What is the diameter of the pads when wrapped around a 60D? I'd guess 1" or less if it's painful. Probably 3/4". You did good not pushing through pain like that. A nail poking through and saying hello is not a good thing! Glad to hear you're back at it buddy!

Jason's right. Scott Harris is the best bar wrapper I've ever seen.

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