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Newest Mash Monster Level 0

Bill Piche

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Nice one Mark! :rock:rock:rock

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Thanks guys!!

I really had a hard time making a video which showed everything correctly (close, set, etc), I would almost say it was harder to make the video then to actually close the #3 :D

But I'm glad I've got the cert now, on to the next challenge :rock !

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well done!!! congrats on the 3

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Thanks guys!!!

To make things clear, the comment about "take 359" was in the original video, not the youtube version, the video is the same though ;)

I made that joke since it really took me many attempts to get a decent video. Either hand was blocking view, set was too narrow or close wasn't visible.

Special thanks to Bill (Wannagrip) for pre-judging my videos, he made some invaluable comments ;)

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Congrats Mark! ................ my mom told me today that your last name means birds? or is a type of bird, is that right? you sure are flying through alot of certs! :rock

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