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Pacific Grip Off August 10th

Number Ten Ox

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August 10th

12 Noon

Local's Gym (a crossfit/strongman gym) in Lynwood, WA.


Hosted by Jesse Ward, heavyweight winner of the Oregons Strongest Man Competition.


1. Grippers Choked to parallel

2. Two Hands Pinch

3. Rolling Thunder

4. Bending

5. Loading Medley


One point will be awarded the winner of each event. Two points for second place and so on for as many places as there are competitors. The athlete with the smallest point total at the conclusion of 5 events will be the winner. Athletes must compete in all five events to win. In the event of a tie, a super secret sudden death tiebreaker event will be held.

Three attempts will be allowed for each event except the medley, which will be only one timed attempt. For the grippers and rolling thunder events the athlete may use either hand for any attempt. For the medley the athlete may use either hand, one at a time. For the two handed pinch and bending, two hands are recommended…

Only chalk is allowed.

I have arranged at least one dedicated judge and ideally we will have 3 judges.

Event 1: Grippers

1.The gripper will be put in a choker before the event at the distance in which the handles are parallel to each other. The non-closing hand may contact the gripper until the athlete starts the attempt.

2. The gripper must be closed so that the bottoms of the handles are clearly touching. The entire squeeze must be visible to the judge, the gripper cannot be turned and blocked from view and then presented as already closed.

3. The gripper may not be closed in an "inverted" fashion.

4. The forearm of the closing hand may not contact any other object or part of the body during the close.

All grippers have been calibrated by Ben Edwards.

Event 2: Two-handed Pinch

1. The lifter must grab the top of the apparatus using an overhand pinch grip with no more than 3" between the index fingers, and lift until the loading bar makes contact with a predetermined height marker. If the loading bar misses the height marker, the referee may use their discretion to ascertain whether or not legal height was attained.

2. The implement must be lowered under control after the lift is completed. This is defined as the athlete maintaining their grip on the apparatus while lowering the weight. The judge then indicates whether the lift was passed or not.

3. This is a rising bar event, 2.5lb increments. One attempt is allowed per trip to the platform.

Event 3: Rolling Thunder

1. The lifter grabs the Rolling Thunder handle in approximately its center and lifts with the handle remaining approximately parallel to the ground. A thumbless grip is not permitted.

2. Any contact between the lifter's hand and the non-revolving portion of the handle disqualifies the lift.

3. The lifter must fully straighten up; once standing straight, the lifter gets a down signal from the judge, and must then return the weight to the ground. Contact must be maintained between the lifter's hand and the handle until the weight is resting on the floor. The judge then indicates whether the lift was passed or not.

4. This is a rising bar event, 2.5 lbs increments. One attempt is allowed per trip to the platform.

Event 4: Bending

1. Leather or Ironmind pads are allowed. Rubber bands are fine.

2. Any style of unbraced bending is allowed.

3. There is a 5 minute time limit for all bends.

4. All athletes bend at the same time. The judge will announce the start and end times for each of 3 rounds.

5. The ends of the bar must be within 2” of each other by the end of the bend.

Event 5: Medley

B.Y.O.Blob. format a.k.a Pick Your Poison Medley.

A series of implements will be loaded onto platforms. Each athlete will bring his own implement to load. The athlete must first load his implement and then proceed to load as many other implements that he can with a 2 minute time period. The implement must be something that is picked up and placed onto the platform (2 to 3 feet). No grippers, bending, etc. If the athlete has to travel and can not bring their own implement, they can use one of the implements provided. At least 20 implements will be used, regardless of the number of athletes competing.

After the Comp Jesse has said we can play with all the toys at the gym. The gym is sweet! Stones with loading platforms, logs, tires, thick bars, hammers, just about everything you could hope for in a fun afternoon.

I reckon when we're tuckered we'll drink a few beers and eat some chicken. Details to follow on this part (open to suggestions)!

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