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Fat Bastard Certs

John Beatty

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Guys, it's my pleasure to list one AMAZING batch of certs! This should motivate everyone to grab some steel & own it.

I'll have it up on the site in a day or two, I'm at work now & can't access the site.

Mike Hadland - Psychotic Bastard DU!!!

Paul Knight - KOAB, Huge Golden Hex, Grand Shiny DU, 7" x 5/16 square, Huge Shiny DU, Huge Shiny, 8" spike. I't quite a list when the easiest bend of a half dozen is a Huge Shiny!

Rex Hubbard - 7" x 1/4" Square reverse

Daniel Wiebe - Bastard

David Wigren - 8" spike, Big Shiny, 3/8 x 10" grade 2

Mark Vogels - Big Shiny

Jeremiah Fox - Insane Bastard, 10" spike, 12" spike, DC 2 shoe

Nick Rosendaul - Grand Bastard

Alawadhi - Grand Bastard, Golden Bastard, 12" spike, Huge Bastard

Jim Ricchezza - Huge Bastard

Jason Payne - Grand Bastard, Big Golden Bastard

Takahashi Yoshiyuki - Magnificant Bastard, 1/4" x 5" square, 1/4 " x 5" Gr5, Shiny Bastard

Matt Chips - Bastard

2" Vbar Certs -

John Sandy - 200.4 lbs

Ben Edwards - 276.8 lbs

Just WOW! guys. I'm going to research some bigger stuff!

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Thanks John!! Your hard work is greatly appreciated!! :cool

Congrats to everyone!! Some huge steel killed by all this time!! :rock :rock

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Awesome Bending Guys :rock:rock

Awesome V bar too :rock:D

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Congrats everyone and thanks John :rock By the way, Paul best DU is a mag shiny not a grand shiny!

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Some really big bends there. Congrats to everyone who has the strength to always go harder and harder.

And also thanks to you John! Your work is very much apriciated! :rock

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Thank's John for giving a place to show are stuff I know it's hard work !!! :D

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Remember back when a Bastard was a really big deal? I wonder just what another couple years is going to bring?

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Got them all up on the site. Congrats again guys! I appreciate you guys buying all the stuff to get on these lists! It's fun for me, I love watching the vids.


I'm with you, who nows what we'll see in another few years!

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Wow, congrats guys. That is nuts when you see them all grouped together like that.

Is there anywhere we can see Takahashi Yoshiyuki's bends?

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