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Shane 7575

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I was wondering if anyone can answer my question. If you can train forearms everyday, but training the grip to much affects the central nervous system. What would be a happy medium? I am looking at shutting a 2.5 C-O-C. I just started training with my leverage hammer and hercules bar. I have worked full wrist curls and farmers holds. I have seen a big improvement on my overhead presses and benches. Enough rambling. :rock

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IMO you can train your forearms everyday. Not indefinetly but for several weeks anyway. Training forearms to me usually means higher rep stuff including thick bar wrist curls, plate see-saws, wrist rollers etc. I don't think doing some of the stuff that is harder on the joints and tendons wveryday would be a good idea. However the KTA program is a very demanding program that is proven to work and it includes training almost everyday. So in the end its is going to be up to your own experimentation to see what works for you. Good luck.

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You could work the muscles in the forearms every day if you wanted.

It would be very hard to over train the forearm muscles. That's

the key word, muscles.

The reason it's hard to over train the forearm muscles is because the muscles

are very dense from constant use from the time you start to use them in childhood.

The same goes for the calves. Very dense muscle from constant use.

The problem arises when the tendons and ligaments become strained and weakened

from the constant training. This is what supports the muscles. No support=no strength=

injury from over training.

Try every other day if you think you need to train that muscle group that frequently.

Remember a couple of things. Your gains are when you allow the muscles and tendons

time to rest. Training them every day wouldn't allow for rest. Finally, it takes a tendon

2-3 times longer to heal than a muscle. So if your workouts are low reps and heavy

sets you are asking for injury without rest days.

This is something I've learned from being involved in this stuff for 20+ years.

I hope this helps. Something to think about anyway.

Stay Strong!!!

Mighty Joe

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Thanks Guys that realy helped me. I am very new to this kind of training so any info is greatly appreciated.

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