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Skin Or Tendon Ripped Off?


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Hey guys,

A week ago I was bending, and all was going well, but at the crush down of a piece of stainless something went wrong; made a fist from my right hand where the bend was in, and put my left hand around it to get it sub 2".

The left hand pulled the skin from my right hand (magnesium..) and I heared something tearing (really scary sound!)...

I stopped because it was painfull, so took a week off but as soon as I want to put force on my right hand, it starts to hurt again, simply can't bend, any formes of presses are also not possible.

Pinching is possible, it doesn't really hurt.

What is it? Can it be tendon ripped off, or something else?

Best medication will be rest I presume? :( Almost every night I put ice on it, sometimes contrast baths.


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Thanks, I'll make an appointment tomorrow.

Hope the appointment goes well and you'll heal up quick :rock

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Went to the doctor this morning, he said nothing ripped or tore or anything, it would be an overloaded muscle (don't know if this is the right way to call it); the interossei or some other muscles inside the hand, so I'll have to rest for a while.

And ofcourse I shouldn't do these things anymore... Yeah right.. :dry;)

I'll be back. :)

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Good to hear nothing serious, rest now.

Will do!

I hope you'll recover as quick as possible from your injury!!

Congratulations on the Elizabeth's achievement at the contest!!

Glad to hear it's nothing too bad.

So am I!

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