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Tim Tolbert Stock And A New W Scroll


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Well I was planning on resting today but I got a package. I just bent around my injured side.

Here are some pics of the stuff I got. Some weird and rare stuff I've never seen here. I will let Tim T identify because I am only guessing.

3/8" spikes

5/16" stock

Here is what I did with them

New bends

The 5/16" 70D I thought was surprisingly easy. The 10" spikes both felt similar and harder than a 10" griprite. The white spike felt allot tougher than a keystone. I don't know what that mutant thing is but I would probably have my hands full with a 12" one. Obviously I didn't get much on the 8" spiral spike.

Lawson Bolt

This is the marking on the head of the light bolt farthest to the right on the 5/16" picture. I tried it and got nothing at all. Please don't tell me this is suppose to be a g2 Tim.

I didn't try the monster 5/16" 60D yet, I actually think I wanna save it.

Finally here is what I did with the 5/16" x 10" spike.

W spike

This was done braced and was hard as hell. This is the only one I've ever seen so I had to come up with something cool to do with it. I still don't have a solid plan for the spiral 12". Any suggestions?

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Nice job on that scroll! The grade 6 bolt in 1/4 inch form cal'd at 405 so it's like a tough G5 so picture trying to bend a tougher brand 6 inch Edgin.

That greenish white spike is the toughest 10 I've ever tried. Unfortunately I only have one left before anybody asks and the store carries another brand now.

I haven't bent the skinny griprite spiral 12 in a long time but as I recall, I doubt it will scroll like you think it will. It will probably be a fairly ugly bend because It's fairly stiff stock to be so skinny. Not far behind a griprite 12 inch shiny in strength.

The monster green 60d I got off another board member and it cal'd at 380 lbs. 2nd toughest I've ever bent.

Nice job!


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Hey Tim, just by looking at the markings and stuff do you think that mutant 10 inch spike and the mutant 60d could be made by the same company as I've always thought? LOVE to try an 8 inch version of that 10!!!! Would possibly be tougher than those mutant 80ds I have. Got to give you credit, that point that you're stuck at it tough as heck to get it from there. As you noticed, it actually has a decent ammount of spring and when it quits moving it's a bear to get going again. BTW, I think that's the 10 inch spike I filmed for you that one time.

Can't for sure identify the brand though. That's the problem with shopping out of bins.


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Very cool stuff Tim! :rock

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