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#3 Certification


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Currently Closing #2 for 1 SOLID REP without Setting the gripper - so a perfect full close.

Is it that most who train hard are capable of Certifying on the #3 or is it just the really strong that can do it?

I see there are less than 190 men or so that are certified on the #3.

If I can close the #2 now, are my chances of certifying good or will it be extremely hard?

Any suggestions in getting my hands to be able to close the #2.5 and eventually the #3.


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Anybody can close a #3 with enough work and determination. There are men who've started with the inability to close the #1 who can close the #3 with relative ease now. It will take some longer than others. Some can close it within a few months. It may take others a year or two, maybe more. But if you really want to, you can close and the #3, and even harder grippers. It depends on how bad you want to.

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