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Blob Simulator


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This little project turned out better than I imagined. I had materials all on hand so it was basically free, but if you had to purchase some of the fittings, it wouldn't be but around $10. Only issue for some would be finding a Blob to make a mold from.

Paper mache (flour, water and newspaper) made the mold. Set some chain, a 3/4" "T" fitting, and some bent 50D nails to add some added anchorage. Pour concrete and let dry. 1 flange and a 3/4 nipple or two for plate loading and you're all set.

I lined the mold with plastic wrap so there are some ridges in the concrete. It's still pretty slick after sanding. Slap on some primer and flat black paint and it looks pretty good.

Given the slight flex in the mold, it is slightly "fatter" than the York. I've been calling it the Glob (is this taken).

Pics in gallery.

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I try to undertand what you did.

You made a mold with paper mache: OK. Then, in the mold, you put some bent nails: OK

Then, you lined the mold with plastic wrap: what sort of plastic ?

Sorry for my english but i've some difficulties with "Wrap" :blush

it means just the exterior of the blob ? ( but what have you put inside to fill the rest of the place which is between the nails in this case ?)

or you filled completely the mold with plastic & in this case, you put plastic to fill the place which is between the nails ?

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It's just typical Saran Wrap. I used it so the concrete would not stick to the mold. So after the mold had dried and was ready to pour concrete into, I lined it with the Saran Wrap. Once the concrete hardens, it made it easier to remove it from the mold. You just peel off the Saran Wrap.

Some sort of petroleum jelly or vaseline might work as well (and give a smoother finish to the concrete). You may not need to use anything. I was trying to save the mold incase I wanted to make another one quickly - but the mold grew mold so it got tossed out.

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ok i understand now.

saran wrap in polyethylene in fact.

I didn't understand that the blob made with concrete :ohmy:blush

putting the nails into the mold makes reinforced concrete

it's clearer for me now.

Good idea :cool

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