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Finally Tried Another 5/8 Bar


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Whoa! I don't have much 5/8 steel right now but I wanted to try a piece to get the feel of it again. I searched through my goodies and found an old 24 inch piece of 5/8 that I had got stuck around 30 degrees on and thought, hey this will work good because I'm not going for a cert but I wanted to really just experiment with all the different styles - and then some.

Well, you top 5/8 benders have my respect! I DID get it bent but I was far from killing it. As probably expected, once I got it down to the final crush it was mine but the mid range is what's tough. I experimented with every body part and then some, knelt down, sit down stood up, on one foot, practically a contortionist at several points while experimenting and was even laying on my back at one point!!! I really need to find a style for the mid part that doesn't feel awkward which was a problem I was having.

Like I said, it was just an experiment and I'm no way proclaiming it an official bend but I may have to get some more steel and give it a good shot and work on a technique that's right for me.

Anybody who can make a piece this short or shorter look easy is just plain strong pure and simple. 21 inches has got to be one super-tough bend.

Great job guys!


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Dang Tim just when I thought I had you beat at something you pull this off!! :D

Great bend buddy, whether you killed it or not that's an AMAZING bend!!!

By the way, have you been training to get that 1/2" x 8" under 5 mins? Any success or updates on training? What about that 3/8" x 8" G8? Just wondering :D

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Good to see you throwing your hat in the ring in the mid-range zone.


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Haha you should tell them how easy it was to crush the 22" bend I sent you. How far down did you crush it? Guy's I'm telling you if Tim gets the sweep going good enough he can get it between his legs he could crush some huuuuge stuff on this 5/8". I have no doubt he could crush sub 20" stuff with ease.

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Thanks but I've got to work on this stuff. You've got many many years before you peak out so keep at it and you'll kick everybody's butt. I don't train specifically for the 1/2 inch by 8 inch, I just bend other things and when I feel up to it I'll try it again. I do plan on trying it again real soon with Tim's stock he sent me.

A couple days ago I did a half-hearted attempt on a couple bends. I was in my church clothes and didn't have much time but I wanted to test a few things. #1, I finally took a decent hit on a 3/8 by 8 inch G8. Didn't finish it but didn't expect to either. Crazy tough kink on it but I can move it so we'll see. If it's not a 900 pound bolt, it's real close. I took a good hit on Tim's stock at 1/2 by 8 inches to see if it was noticably different than mine. No noticable difference that I could tell so won't make much difference which one I use.

David, Thanks but it's more like I'm politely placing my hat on the mat. I need work before I can begin to play with you guys on this length which was always awkward for me.

Thanks Tim! That bend was probably parallel or slightly wider I'm guessing when you sent it to me. I crushed it until the ends were almost touching but the negative angle changed the pressure points in my hands to where it wasn't used to that so I left it at that. It's probably at 2 inches or so now I'm guessing. Not real sure how much shorter I could go but I could go decently shorter than the piece you sent me.

Don't worry about me guys, this length has always felt awkward for me so I need to play catch up before I can go any shorter than this. Plus, since I quite pulling spikes around me knee, I havn't exercised that pulling power to help with the under the leg and the crossed arm stuff.

You guys have my respect on this stuff.


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