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Reverse Bending Technique?


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I've done a few workouts on the DHWD, and those have been my first actual workouts using the reverse style.

I'm looking for information on the reverse technique, for example:

  • Where to place the ends of the "bar" in the palms?
  • At what height to bend?
  • Any possible other pointers.

My own findings thus far seem to be that I should strive to squeeze the hell out of the device, keep my wrists straight at the start and bend at around shoulder level. Are these anywhere near correct?

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I'm not really working on my reverse bending, but there's one thing that helps me; twist your arms so one of your fists touch your lower arm, and slide down with that hand.

I think you should watch some video's,

for example.

(Stupid question maybe, but what's DHWD?)

Good luck!

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DHWD is the David Horne Wrist Developer. Great training tool. I had one for a while and sold it and often wish I hadn't but that's the story of my grip life.

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I think it helps me to get my forefinger and thumb of the opposite hand touching to start a reverse bend. So for that thing I would say choke up on it as close the hilt/hinge? part as you can get. I also seem to post my bottom hand and pull down with the outside hand. The motion and height for best power I think are a little different for everyone though, just experiment and go with what feels good for you.

I had missed that device, that thing is actually damn cool looking. If I were in the market for cool grip toys I think that and David's gripper device look to be my top 2. They would certainly pay for themselves in steel and gripper costs and the progression seems very linear and relatively percise. David makes some cool stuff.

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Try to reverse with both hands leading and not just your strongest this will make you a better bender in the long run.

If you only want to bend useing one leading arm all the time make shure your strongest arm/hand does the anchoring otherwise you loose power if you anchor with your weaker hand.

When you grip the bar with your anchor hand try and get 4 fingers on the bar this gives you a stronger anchor and a better base for you to pull against.

With the leading hand start with some easy stock and try and bend with your hand touching your anchor hand so the hands meet in the middle of the bar this takes alot more wrist strength and it wont happen over night but over time starting with easy stock it will built alot of wrist strength that you will be able to bend a bastard bar red or shiny this way but it will take time then you can use all that extra wrist power to kink even bigger stuff in the DO style.

Another way to reverse bend is to use both wrists at the same time both pivoting down again start with easy stock and hands together in the middle of the bar and over time you will use that wrist strength it builds to kill bigger and bigger steel.

Play about with the wraps and see what thickness suits you that bar needs to be held rock solid if it spins the bend fails.

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Thanks for the replies, guys! I will try some of your tips in my next workout.

When I reverse bend, I alter the leading hand every set (DHWD) or bend.

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Okay, some more findings. I seem to do better with my stronger hand leading. I don't know if this is normal, but it's the case for me. With the weaker hand (left) leading, I also need to pay much more attention to technique (trying to bend in a direct line), probably because I'm shite with my left hand coordination-wise.

I set the anchor side handle so that the end of it is just on the palm side of the pinky pad. This seems to give me good leverage.

I've noticed that I get more power toward the end of the bend when I don't keep the anchor hand in place but try to push it up/forward while I pull the leading hand down/backward.

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