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Measure Gripper Strenght?


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i'd like to calibrate my grippers, specialy my filed #2, #2.5,Rb 240 and 2 #3 ... dont have the RNC and honestly dont have the talent to do one by my own.

If u put one gripper in the lat pulldown machine ... i will reach a certain weight ... i think "Mahnus" did this to fell how strong was his hg 250 ... doesnt look very accurate to me but its better than nothing ...lol

any idea?

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Hugo, I agree with Eurodancer. This sounds scary.

I would say there a few better ways to "calibrate" your grippers without risking life and limb. Try:

1) Ship your grippers to someone in Europe with an RGC. If you pay shipping, they'll probably do it for free.

2) Go to a contest and take them with.

3) Meet up with someone who can give them a squeeze and give you an opinion.

4) Buy one of David Horne's Vulcan grippers. You could use it to compare to your grippers and learn about how they rank. For example, through trial and error, you could decide your #3 is between setting "x" and setting "y". Have your friends take guess as well by trying to force the grippers shut. Then anyone else with a Vulcan could give you an idea of how hard the gripper is if you can tell them "it feels like setting [blank]."

5) Buy another #3. If they feel similar, they're both likely average. The second I tried my 2005 #3 I knew it was much harder than my 2006 #3. It immediately caused me to rethink what a HARD #3 feels like.

Hope this helps. Also, someone locally could probably make you an RGC very cheaply if you just showed them a picture. Even Dave's "drippy welds" worked just fine. :D

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If you were to do that put a wooden dowel (like a broomstick loosely in the sping hole) to aid in keeping the gripper upright. Remember, the force or pounds applied to close the tips (the longest lever) is far less than the average that would be applied along the entire length of the handle as when held by a human hand. (The actual measurement should be taken from the mid point of the handle( machined in on Ironmind grippers) Other than that it just becomes a "number" by which to gauge higher number "harder grippers from easier ones. I did that years ago( I hope my memory serves me correct) on my old silver #3 at 247 at handle tips, 220 lb on a more modern #3 , and 320 on the phantom 4. As a note 25lbs out on the tips is "alot" and could be the difference from closed gripper tips to being almost an inch out. RS

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If you do what Richard says and stick a broom stick through the spring, make sure you wrap the handle so you don't destroy the knurling. But I still wouldn't do it ;)

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Matt, it was a GREAT explanation:-) u are 5 starts in my book.

Thãnks Richard:-)

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