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Homemade Hand Gripper


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I was inspired from another post I saw on here. I had some pieces of my home gym equipment that I never use.

Managed a way to make this without needing any welding. Just some cutting involved.


these are the discarded arm pieces from the bench press part of a machine kind of like this


Haven't tested it out much, but found it was difficult even with no weight loaded on it so I probably won't need more than about 10lbs. to put on the end.

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This is very innovative. Good work!

I like this design better than the Hardy Handshake because the moving part is in the fingers.

Kind of like a Poor Man's Gripinator!

Great job! I hope you use this becuase I think you'll see some gains. :D

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Yeah I think this will isloate the fingers, can hit the thumb with the block pinch holds and hopefully get me some strong grip.

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That looks really good. And very adjustable on the range of motion. Looks like a bit of welding involved, but I wonder if the same design would also work with plumping pipe & 90 degree elbows for the joints where you have it welded.

Actually looking at it closer I don't think it would work with plumbing pipe.

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how is training going on your homemade gripper? I'm wonder how the actual movement is with such a long leverage arm, meaning is it sort of jerky when it closes, or is it smooth?

I'm always looking to make new toys is why I ask ;)

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Mlstrass makes awesome toys!

Mighty Joe

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