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Hexa Bastard


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I don't know if you remember, I went to Mark Vogels in November last year.

He gave me a hexa bastard when I took the train home, and today I thought; let's give it a go.

I bought some hex shaped 5/16 crs in a hardware store a couple of weeks ago and first I gave that stuff a try.

Cut it to 6,5" and tried to bend it, just 5 degrees after a couple of attacks. So I made the padding a little thicker. It worked; after 10 minutes it was finished, 1,5" between the ends.

So, I thought the hexa bastard would be a little easier at 7", I was wrong. :P With thick padding it took me nearly 15 minutes to compleet the bend.

But it was succesfull:

hex (picture)

another one

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great bend! :rock

you should get some of John's new FBBC hex to try out next...what a bitch that stuff is haha :D

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Congrats :rock

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Nice Bend Luuc I agree with Chad that new hex is mean stuff!!! :mosher:mosher:mosher


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Nice work Luuc!!!

Actually, this (although not that new) probably already is from a similar batch. If I remember correctly this 7" was rated around 545lbs. ;)

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Thanks guys!!

Cool Mark, I'm happy to hear that! :D

Apparently I didn't remember correctly, it's 535lbs.

Nevertheless very close to the shiny's and edgins ;)

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Very nice bend!!!! It is amazing how much faster you can get them after you know you can do it :mosher

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