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Made My Own Equipment From Closet Clutter, And Made A Plate Useful Aga


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Hey guys, I cleaned out my clutter closet(I know you all have one!) a few weeks ago, and I found an old olympic bar I hadn't used in forever. It just so happened that I had been wanting a loading pin and a V-bar, but didn't have the cash. So, I just took the rotating ends off the bar and added a few things to em. Check out the pics!

For the loading pin, I picked up a 2200lb. rated eye bolt and bolted it on the top and bottom of the hole where the bolt went originally on the oly bar.

To make the V-bar, I used the same principle, but used a piece from an old plate tree to make the handle portion. Secured a bolt with double nuts in the hole, with the threaded end exposed. The handle threads onto the stud. Funky looking sure, but it works well enough.

I also made a softball implement as well. Pretty simple. Softball + eyebolt = sore forearms!! :D

I also wanted a 25lb plate I could hub to train for the Show of Hands medley in a few weeks. I had some Fitness Gear hammertone plates, but they were so slick, I could just float a 25! Well, I stripped em' today, and WOW!! What a difference! :blink The cast iron surface is wonderful. So good, in fact, that I will be stripping a 35lb shortly because the 25 is like a toy now! Check out the difference in the pics. Later!

loading pin, v-bar, and softball

stripped 25lb plate comparo

God Bless,


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Nice looking equipment there, Jeremiah!

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