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Rt Pinch Style


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Read about doing rt lifts "pinch style" somewhere. How do you perform that lift?

Tried to grab it just with my fingertips, and like normal but not wrapping the fingers around which felt somewhat awkward..

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I used the term pinch style in my log, I simply meant that I don't flex my wrist at all, making it harder on the thumb and harder with less weight. Others may have different meaning for this.

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So THIS is what it means!! I too had wondered that.

I thought that, when lots of weight was used, people's wrist would straighten, having all the preassure on the fingertips and thumb. I guess not! People with strong wrists can keep their wrists a bit flexed... cool. So, in theory, if I improve my wrist curl poundage, I should improve RT numbers, since I could lift my puny weights with a cocked wrist, meaning more weight :P

I always thought the "spirit of the challenge" (don't bash me for using those forbidden words please!! Heh) was to lift it without a cocked wrist.

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Well I think use what you have when you are shooting for max, in competition for example. I began to use pinch style in training only to make training harder and target the weak link.

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thx!! this is the way i also do my lifts. never thought about flexing the wrist.

i remembered seeing some big numbers, and thought what the :blink when i couldn't pull 30k the way I thought it was meant to be done (fingers straight, not wrapped, like you would pinch 2 plates).

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