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For Richard Sorin


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Richard - I've been there and seen it and I've seen it on video but it would be neat if you could post a picture of the entire Grip Gauntlet along with the statistics of each piece. It's no doubt the ultimate multi event grip challenge in the world today and most people don't actually know what all it consists of. Thanks in advance, Chris

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I will second this request :)

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Here it is, unless it's changed:

To answer the questions I am getting from several folks already I will give you the info that I sent to Chad "Chad, The Grip Gauntlet varied a bit over the past years and was usually the top mark for me at the time and I just left it loaded or on display for any that wished to try.There is a 100lb anvil pinch grip deadlift (4 3/8" across face), Old #3 silvercrush to be done with thumb and two fingers(credit card set width start),Phantom 4 full hand (credit card width set),101lb bomb deadlift by nose of bomb,pinch deadlift of "Old" York 45 lb. plates, Anvil deadlift by horn total weight 201, 181 deadlift in 3"handle dumbbell,Original 52lb Blob one hand deadlift and carry 10', 245 lb deadlift on 2" handle dumbbell,411lb Dinnie stone replica deadlift, Inch dumbbell deadlift and carry 10', Hub pinch and straight arm lateral raise to shoulder height "old" style 45Lb York. Every piece is the original I used when doing each feat listed .RS
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Indeed, but a picture of the grip gauntlet objects, even just a pile of them on a mat in no particular order would be neat. I know that I had no idea what "the bomb" looked like until the Durniat video, I would've never guessed it was actual defused ordinance! I don't know what Richard would think of this but for some of the objects, people could duplicate them as best they could and train for that lift with something as similar as possible to what Richard did. Maybe I'm just rambling but a pic of the objects would be pretty neat :)

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