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Fbbc Horseshoe Sample Packs

John Beatty

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Ok, I got it figured out for sample packs. 16 different shoes, $90 shipping included for the USA, $117 for th rest of the world. If there's enough interest I'll do a repeat order, will be making an order tomorrow. Some are high end hand forged, some cheaper stuff. Should be a pretty good range of stuff. This is pretty much a not for profit deal for me, so it won't be a regular offering. Just a fun deal.

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Well you know I'm in :)

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what exactly will you be packing in there? I need something inbetween the DC2's you sent me and the draft shoes #3 and #4 i have been messing with lately.

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There will be quite a lot, half rounds, draft shoe, hand forged side-weights, mule shoes.

So far on this list (& I may do this again with different shoes sometime).

Anvil draft keg shoe x2

Anvil Arab shoe

4 different mule shoes

7/8" sliding plate

2 different walking horse pleasure shoes (hand forged) 3/8" x 1", 1/2" x 1"

walking horse hind shoe (heeled with trailer - hand forged)

Nordic D-lux (#2, #3)

Diamond Draft

Equine half round

Kerckhaert sx-7


I guess that's 17 shoes

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Ordered, should have them Thurs. Mine plus 3 more sets, only one without dibs on it. Call it now!

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I'll go for it as well.

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Well, that's it. If 4 more guys want it I'll re-order, but otherwise, we'll see what the current group thinks, then I plan to add 3-4 more shoe certs.

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Great work John! If I wasn't re-flooring my bathroom I'd be in but $$$ is tight right now.

Post results guys!


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