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Almost Got It

Justin Reagan

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Almost got it! Started the first one...got it down to 90 deg pretty quick, but got stuck...after 15 min, went on to something else. Hit a 7"x3/8" 307A (not as tough as I was thinking...can't read the symbol under 307A on the head...still harder than regular 7"x5/16" fbbc stock, though). Started another 6"...again got it down to 90 deg in a couple minutes. I worked on it for about 20 min...got it down to 2 1/4" , but it just wouldn't go farther. I guess it will be finished another day.

I also punched myself in the jaw when trying a 7"x5/16" (my hand slipped)...I kinked it about 1.5"+ (maybe closer to 2") off center. Didn't get more than a 20 deg kink because of this. It really looked strange. This is when I decided to try the second 6".

I also tried some small pad bending. I haven't got any leather thick enough for 2x2 pads yet, so I decided to cut my thinner leather to 3.5" x 2"--maybe this would be close to the feel. I did a few G2's, but decided to stick with that for now.


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Keep working on the Huge Bastard man it will give up your diffently putting in the effort!

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You'll get it soon, I'm sure. I can't get one much past 90 before they get stuck either.

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Great efforts

I have some 2x2 hand pads. email me if you need some.

I respect you for working to use smaller pads. I think some people use way too much padding. It acts like a pipe on the end of the bar. When your bending 5/16CRS with 2x2 pads your ready for some really tough stuff.


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