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Taking Some Steel To Work


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I've mentioned this in my workout thread, but one of the managers I work with has taken somewhat of an interest in grip stuff. He was a powerlifter in high schools (totalled 1605 in the 198s at 18 years old if I remember right) and now does bodybuilding stuff due to a shoulder injury, but he's still just as strong. He's messed around with my grippers some and worked up to closing the #1 (his hands are so small he can't get his pinky on the handle with a CC set). But I mentioned bending to him and he seemed pretty interested when I told him about bending bolts and stuff, so I'm going to bring some stuff for him to try today. I'm bringing some 3/16" stock, 1/4" stock (round and square), timber ties, G2 bolts, and some 5/16" stock (just for laughs). I'll post tonight and let you guys know how it goes. I'm trying to talk him into competing at Show of Hands with me.

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Sounds great man!!! It's always fun to get outsiders involved in grip and bending!

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Ok, so here's what happened. He had no problem with the 3/16"x7" and 3/16"x6" round stock, obviously. He had a pretty hard time with the 3/16"x7" square, but got it. Then a few minutes later he tried a timber tie and fought it a little bit but ended up getting it without too much trouble. After that he tried a G2 bolt but couldn't move it (I thought he'd be able to). And then he tried the 5/16"x7", thinking he'd kink it a little (ha!) but of course it didn't budge. His twin brother (who is also really strong, but not quite as strong as he is, and a little smaller) tried but had to fight the 3/16"x7" square for a while before he finally got it, and he was done after that.

I bent everything that the first brother tried, (2 G2 bolts), and several timber ties for some of the girls at work (I'm a manager at a clothing store so there are a bunch of 17 year old girls). Tried a 1/4"x7" but couldn't crush it down for some reason. Got a pretty good kink, though. I didn't really expect to nail it since I bent just a few days ago and did power shrugs without straps just 2 or 3 hours before bending so my hands and forearms were tired. Oh well, I'll get it next week.

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Sounds great! It's always fun to see what people can bend. I've taken some steel to work and saw what the different ones could bend. One girl naturally drifted to reverse style without being shown it. Bent a 3/16 by 7 inch round that way.

A BL G2 bolt was the toughest that my co-workers bent. I thought the guy was going to bust his stint loose!

Fun times.


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