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Bending Prs + Cert Questions...


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Today I had a good bending session....

Warmed up with 1/4" Stock in IM wraps @ 7, 6, 5.5 and 5 inches...

1/4" Square w/ FBBC Leather


RED NAIL in FFBC Leather & IM Wraps

BASTARD in FFBC Leather & IM Wraps

Failed 5/16" G2 in Leather... too tired...

My question is this, I can't do the red bend or bastard in just the leather or IM wrpas for that matter, but my goal is eventual

IM certificaiton. The extra wraps gives me something thicker to hold on two, and possibly some added leverage. Any ideas on exercises

that I can do to allow me to bend the same steel with less wrapping? ISOs with the wraps of choice seem like a good idea...

Also, has anyone been through this same situation? Time frame to cert capapbility?

Thanks all good luck with your training.

On a side note, Aaron congrats on your monster bend, that G8 was sick....

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Congrats on the bends first of all. Secondly, I'd say practice with smaller steel with IM wraps, like 1/4" Square, G5s, G8s, etc and work your way up to a Red. You could also do Isos, but this is the way most recommended to me (still working on it). I'd say your still a little ways off, as I bent my first Red a while ago and still have not done one in IM wraps, but that's also because I've barely trained for it at all, so hard to say.

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Take my advice with a grain of salt...I'm just a no-talent clown who likes bending things.

Do you think you might be torturing your hands a bit much with four bends in IM pads just to warm up? If it was me I'd already be in pain by the time I got to the big bends and I'd suck for sure. I suppose everyone is different, but I think some people are so fastidious about "warming up" they expend too much energy at it. My best bends are when I'm fresh, or maybe after a single easy warm-up bend.

About the pad thickness, though, I guess I'm in the same boat. I find it easier with double FBBC pads, but I try to move down to one set as I get more comfortable with the stock. I haven't used IM pads yet, but I did just order some with an eye toward training for the red nail cert. I think the issue is more of pain tolerance for me. Double wraps do not seem to help with leverage at all.

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When I first tried to bend a 60D in iron mind wraps I didnt think i would ever be able to handle the pain to do a 60D much less a red nail. I also feel like i have no leverage in just ironmind wraps and that adding some leather aswell makes a HUGE difference.

I didnt do anything to get my pain tolerance up, pretty much i got to the level of about a 5.5 inch red in ironmind wraps and leather, then stopped bending for close to 8 months, becaus ei prett ymuch gave up on the ironmind cert. This winter break though I started up again and my first try in ironmind wraps on a red th epain wasnt that bad. Im not sure what this is from, but the only thing i was doing differently was doing excessive amounts of pull ups o the door frame, I think that doing this increased my hand and lat and back stregnth, plus gave me a high pain tolerance in my hands. So for me pull ups on a ledge or door frame was the key, im pretty sure. Also try and get to a level so that a red or bastard in your preferred wraps is easy before lessening your pads.

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Congrats on the Red man. How do you feel it compared to the bastard? I have a suggestion everyone will disagree with. Start bare hand bending with me and then when you used the IM wraps they will feel like 2" double leather wraps.

But seriously I think a combo of bending easier stuff like a g8 first in IM wraps and also try hitting a red first thing with just leather before your kink is starting to tire are good ideas.

Also I know it will sound crazy but try kink isos with the wraps you want, IM in this case, with a stainless bar. I've got some for you when we meet up again. It flexes and you can really feel in what position and when you are giving it the most power because it flexes the most, I think this is the best zone to hold the iso in. It's sort of like feedback isos.

The other thing that has been said is getting to the point that the bend is easy with the pads you are using. The IM cert is only 1 minute. About how long did it take to get the red for you? I would say when you can get it in under 1 minute drop the wraps to leather, then when you can get that in 1 minute, drop to IM wraps.

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If you want to cert on a red you have to get used to bending a red or harder in the ironmind pads under a minute .

Cut some leather so it feels a touch harsher than the ironmind wraps then alternate bending sessions with these and the ironmind pads aim for a 45secs bend not a minute and start with easier stock and work up.

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Thanks all for your input.... I'm looking forward to turning my hands into stone and smashing the RED....


Took about 20s to 90 degress (2 hits)

Took about 90s to 2.5inches (4 or 5 hits) * definitly my weak point....

Took about 5s to Gripper Crush....

Can't wait to feel the stainless....


You're an animal. Thanks for the advice...

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