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How Taxing Is The Vbar?


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Not gonna name numbers but how taxing is the vbar? I went away for xmas for 15 days and put 13kg on my pb. Tried another session a few days later and I wasnt even lifting my old pb! Was sick for a few days and left training for a week, came back and added almost 10kg to my last pb! Tonight, 2 days later, hands feeling okish, cant even lift 110kg off the ground either hand.... It seems like Steve G said, for me anyway, a week to 10 days between vbar sessions is the wayto go. It has to be remembered ive only had a vbar since the start of december so im sure the big leaps in progress will slow, but even so, I am gobsmacked how weak I am a few days later in the vbar after a vbar session...is this the norm? Any tips would be helpful as ive got a comp in a month and kiwis love beating aussies...spice

Brendan the kiwi

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How much work do you do on it in a session?

I think it varies by person, or because I use the 2" because I train with it twice a week and I feel fine the day after, or at the most two days later.

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Depends on if you tear your skin I guess. When I was training it pretty often I was ready to go the next day but usually didn't pull more than 3 times a week at most. For some guys that strength stays around for a long time with little to no training on it. I pulled 335 with both hands on the 1" vbar after not touching it for probably 3 months at that point and had maybe 3 or 4 previous workouts the previous 12 months with it. So it's possible to hold on to that strength for a while.

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