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3. Braced Votes

David Horne

3. Braced votes  

26 members have voted

  1. 1. 1. Same as v Parallel legs

    • Same rules re. distance between legs
    • Parallel leg finish
  2. 2. 2. HRS v CRS and Stainless

    • HRS only
    • add CRS section
    • add Stainless section

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Two ideas have arisen from the questionare.

Please vote on this, and the others when they are up.

I'll let the voting go for 4 days.


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I still like the minimum distance rules. I voted to add CRS and Stainless...although once I think about it that just means a TON more work for you David. We ought to pay you a little fee each time you update us. That'd keep the cert stuff in check a little (not that I want to discourage getting on the lists) and would make people really work to get their best bend because they'd have to pay for it to be added.

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I voted on the legs to parallel i think apart from it being slightly harder it looks better that way also.

I also voted for the inclusion of CRS and Stainless altho costly useing a wider variety of stock will only make you a more complete bender plus variety stops you going stale.

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You are right legs to parallel do look good, it just seemed a bit more contesious than a set distance. But whatever gets voted in is good with me.

Stainless and CRS is more expensive, but who said hobbies are cheap.


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I voted for HRS only, the rest is nice, but also more dangerous since they tend to be more springy.

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I voted HRS only. I've bent the other and I think it's a bad idea and HRS seems to be the overwelming "tradition".

Another reason. Since we're using our own stock, I believe that HRS is the most consistant. It does vary but if we allow CRS then that opens up a whole variety of steels that make it very unfair. I won't say the type because I don't want to give anybody ideas but I can get some special steel that has the appearance of being CRS but would allow me a huge advantage. Same with stainless, there are too many types to govern it fairly. At least with HRS we in the USA are limited to A36 almost exclusively. At least that's all I've been able to find and believe me, I've looked.

David is judging by video on this so I also think HRS is the most obvious on video. We all know how stainless can vary with the different types.

As for the distance rule I think it's best for numerous reasons. Just because David requires a 2.5 inch distance for braced spike level for instance doesn't mean you can't choose to make it parallel if you want. I did it with the 12mm bars but to me that doesn't mean it should be required or counted any higher.

I bend other stuff braced. 3/8 g5 bolts, 7/16 G2 bolts (both at 8 inches) and various other stuff. I can choose to do that anytime I want and post it on the gripboard but I don't think it should be more catagories. I like bending wrenches too but I don't think David should have to keep up a list on them.

Due to the fact that there's hardly anybody participating in the braced section and more than half is probably from the competitions, why would there by any need to impliment more classes? Plenty of those sections have "honor only" bends and people for the most part haven't taken advantage.

And lastly, I agree with Mark 100% on the injury factor. I've bent a 5/8 by 4 foot CRS 1018 bar once and if it had slipped, it would've removed my teeth or knocked me out. Stainless can only be worse plus the expense of that bar would be crazy. Plus the spring in those long movements are more likely to pull muscles.

I feel for you David.


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I voted for distance measure and adding the 2 classes, but after reading Tim's post I think he makes allot of sense. There are just not enough people even doing this to be worth adding a ton of catagories. I mean if some time in the future more people are doing more of it the need may become more apparent but Tim is right, don't waste your time with it at this point David, I would like to change my vote on that if possible.

Also I do think the parallel thing is good for the stuff above spike length. It would just be crazy hardcore to impliment that on the spike length similar to unbraced. If I could have voted to split the spikes to length and larger to parallel I think that would be perfect. Maybe it is just me but anyone else is free to chime in and support that or let it die. The distance rules are perfectly adequate at this time though so don't go making a big deal over it.

Also it is very true about crs and stainless long bars and injuries. I choose to do it but I am nuts, if there were certs for it then people that don't know better might be encouraged to jump into stainless or something without much training and that could be really dangerous. The variance on the alloy types is a good point as well, again not that there are even enough people doing it that it really matters right now anyways.

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