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Pain.. What Now?


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just started grip training and i can close the hg 200 after 2 weeks training. i have done some day after day workouts but only cause i felt i could... last workout closing it started hurting right at the wrist especially the left one (the weaker one). im afraid starting again because of all the overtraining warnings I've heard/read..

so what now? should i rest if so how long? work on extensors now? contrast baths? get back with lower frequency?

any recommendations will be appreciated,

thanks a lot


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I would take a week off and ice it as often as I could. When you come back be sure to add wrist work, curls and extensions, wrist roller both ways, something. Daily training is great in cycles and you must be careful or you will get some pain.

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I second Bearcat's post. I'd also say that doing some type of wrist work before you go back to grippers would be a good idea and help to alleviate or completely stop the pain you feel. I had the same pain when I started grippers, I stopped it by just using lighter grippers and doing tons of closes throughout the day every day AND adding in things like Barbell wrist curls and hammer curls to strengthen my wrists up.

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I would ad some rehab work. Extensor bands especially help me stay pain free. Also I have some hand health balls I play with a lot. I try to use them a little bit after every work out. They help with some extra blood flow.


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daily training is, like has been said above, ok once and awhile. for right now, after reading your other posts, you should try adding the grippers as a finisher to your regular workouts of wrist curls, and levering. do your regular workout, and when your done, pick up your gripper of choice ( or several grippers for drop sets and the like) and end your workout with them, but keep it brief. then next time put them in the middle of your arm workout. for your max effort day, do them first after a warmup, then do your regular workout. you will definatly feel the differance in not only how the grippers feel, but your other exercises will be harder too, and maybe more productive as well. maybe ad some wrist roller in there with a thick bar.

also add heavier weights to your current routine for your forearms as well. you posted in the armwrestling forum reps in the 20's, for several sets. on occasion alternate the high reps with days where you do singles, or 5-8 reps.

train the thumb pad!

good luck, feel free to post me if you need anyhting

take care and good lifting

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thanks for the advice guys,

I'm taking the week off than next week ill start back with wrist curls and stuff only in two weeks I'll get back to grippers.. no negatives and stuff for a while...

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