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As a newbie in the gripgame I thought it could be interesting to hear what you other gripomaniacs (thats what we are right..!) have as some of your best experiences/tips regarding training,recovery after training,pieces of equipment that you have made yourself that your proud of etc. Nothing to small, nothing to big not to be mentioned. I can start by telling that so far in my training one piece of advise I have tried is that during the night after a grueling griptraining I have slept wearing warm mittens (it took some time to get used to it :blink ) In the morning it feels like the warmth of the mittens has "taken care" of the tortured ligaments and tendons in my hands in a better way than without them on. I also use some handcream, since the use of chalk really seems to dry out the skin to much for it to heal in a proper way. Okay, enough about me. Now it`s your turn to share one or two of your best "Gripster Tips" with the rest of us :cool Stay Strong!

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I would only offer that you are truly at a place where you can learn from a large group of very talented and dedicated athletes. Let the words of these masters inspire you to reach beyond yourself and achieve whatever goals you set.

Several things I have already learned from this group: 1) give it your all when you train, 2) recover at YOUR own rate so you can do #1, 3) As much as they are experts, know that you will eventually have to find you own 'best' methods.

4) You can get as much technical assistance on techinque and equipment from this group as you can absorb, but you will need to go to, and through, a place where only you can emerge-so get going!

Best of training and achieving!


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I second the above advice and i would like to add

1) Don't rush. Grip feats do not progress like a barbell back squat or deadlift. Most strength for the hands is from the powerful connective tissues, and it takes time to adopt and grow. You have your whole life to get strong, dont rush to injury and failure

2) Don't neglict any part of hand strength. Pinch, Crush, support, tearing, bending, levering, extension, finger control, mobility, max strength and strength-endurance. Any weak link will break the chain

3) stay connected to people in the community. There are a lot of great people who will help out, all you have to do is ask

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Im also a newbie, but I can share something I learned quickly here. Pay attention to all of the experienced people here and learn the right way to do grip stuff (just learning how to set grippers really helped my training)

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Thanks for the input so far guys, but the principle of progressiv overload, individual recovery abilities, proper nutrition and training of antagonistic musclegroups I am well aware of. I was thinking more in the lines of personal experience from many years in the field of griptraining that often yields new approaches in exercises,development of your own small grip "devises" to spice up the training, things that you feel has been useful in your battle for the next big gripper. These are the things I personally would like to hear about from my fellow gripmates. Hope to hear from you soon. Stay Strong! :rock

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You probably know this, but don't overtrain :)

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