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Help With Estimating The Future Time I Will Close A X Gripper


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HI all :) . I'm having difficult time coming up with estimated dates on which I will be able to close a specific gripper. Please see my signature for what I have so far. I have based these numbers on the progression rate of 6.6 pounds per month, using COC grippers. So for example, since I closed #1.5 (168 pounds) on 1-10-08, I will be able to close #2 (195 pounds) approximately on 5-17-08. I took the difference between the grippers of 195-168=27 pounds and divided it by 6.6 pounds per month with the result of 4.09 or 4 months and 3 days, which I added to my first close of #1.5 on 1-10-08. I remember I read a thread on here I think that said that on average it takes about 1 year to go from #2 to #3. So it takes 12 months to overcome #3 (280 lbs) from #2 (195 lbs), or 85 pounds. 85 pounds divided by a period of 12 months results in progression rate of 7.08 pounds per month. I decided to lower my estimated progression rate to 6.6 pounds partly due to my experience of going from #1 to #1.5 or 28 pounds in about 5 months or 5.6 pounds per month. I decided to increase my progression rate by 1 pound because I believe that I will progress quicker now since I stopped overtraining and since I started a gripper workout with which I had a very good success in the very beginning of my gripper training.

Does it sound like a reasonable progression rate and time-frame estimation? Should I lower my progression rate or increase it or leave it as it is? I would also appreciate if some of you could give me the timeframe it took you to go from a certain gripper to the next one in a specified amount of time. Please keep the closing set of the grippers the same. For example, #1 CCS on 4-5-07 and #1.5 or #2 CCS on 12-4-07, not #1 CCS on 4-5-07 and Parallel Set #2 on 9-2-07. This way I can gather the information and maybe average out the results to get a more exact progression rate. I know all about the gripper seasoning and variance among grippers with same poundages and the fact that the higher you progress up the CoC ladder, the slower the gains appear. Because of the last fact and if you are kind enough to offer your own progression :), please only give your progressions up to #3, since that is my last goal. Thanks everyone :D.

Almost forgot, for the Heavy Grips, is the progression of 10 pounds per month or going from HG 150 to HG 200 in 5 months a reasonable timeframe?

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It's really hard to estimate when you're going to close a certain gripper. Those estimates are pretty well thought out, but I think it's A LOT easier to move from #1-#2 then #2-#3 and stuff like that so it's hard to build an estimate based on that.

I just say train your heart out and try to achieve them as soon as possible!!!! Instead of trying to estimate when you're going to close them just train!! Then it's a surprise and more of an achievement!

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Just train as hard as you can mate - there is no way to know exactly when you will close something but one thing's for sure - you will close a big gripper sooner if you put tons of effort into your workouts!

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It is almost impossible to know what date you will close your next goal gripper on. You'll find that as you progress onto harder grippers it'll take you longer to close each one. You may race from the #1.5 to the #2 in 6 weeks and then find it'll take you 6 months to get to the #2.5.

If you set little goals you'll be able to monitor how your doing. I'd say just train hard and when you close a gripper be happy. Good luck ;)

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