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Hey Bolt Experts! Some Help Please!


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Hey guys, I have a couple questions. I got some stainless 1/4'' and 5/16'' x 6'' bolts at Sears Hardware the other day. They both have a number on the head: "F593C" and the brand is "THE" in italic capital letters.

First question. Are stainless bolts graded? I am curious because when I think of it I have never seen a graded stainless bolt.

Next question. If any of you guys have had experience with these, what do you think the approx. lb. cal. would be, or what common bolt would they be comparable to?

I haven't tried to bend them yet, as I am saving my strength for the FBBC steel I am going to be getting for Christmas. As soon as I(or IF I do!) bend them I let you know what happened. I really appreciate any help you guys could give me on this! :D Merry Christmas!!!

God Bless,


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Don't know about the brand but I've bent both a 1/4 by 6 inch and 5/16 by 6 inch stainless hex bolt. First, the stainless steel in these bolts typically isn't the aircraft grade stuff that FBBC shinys are made of and therefore are nowhere near a huge shiny.

The 1/4 by 6 inch stainless I bent was easier than a G5 but harder than a G2. Comparable to some 60d nails I'd say. The 5/16 by 6 incher was a pretty tough bend. About like a G9 bolt I'd say. The crush was pretty stout. A little tougher than the hard lake erie G8 1/4 inch by 6 inch bolts and the crush really fought me.

They both make the trade mark stainless wide "U" bend and both have a crush that tells you it's stainless.

Oh yeah, as you noticed, they're not cheap bending.

Here's a pic of the 5/16 version I bent along with some other similiar bends.

bolts bent

Have fun with it and Merry Christmas!


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Thanks Tim!! I'll have to give these bolts a go after I get my FBBC stuff. I want to see what I can do with the bastard stock first! Thanks for the info!! :D

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