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What Can I Use This For?


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I'm working on the #3 and getting close, I've tried a few #3's so I'd say a can gauge the strength of them pretty well. Last week I got a new HG300 in the hope it would be around a #2.8 but this this is just a brick. It feels how I'd imagine a #4 to feel I can't budge it. I've closed my friends HG300 and I know they vary loads but this thing is insanly tough :blink

I've tried doing negs on it and I can't even close the thing with 2 hands! Does anyone have any ideas how I can train with this or how I could add it into my wortkouts? It is about 8mm more narrow than any #3 I have but the spring is visibly far thicker than any #3 I've seen. Maybe I could use it as a paperweight! :D

Cheers guys and Merry Christmas :)

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Sounds like a beast, maybe on the other hand it just has a very stiff set but the close is relatively easy? Have you got a #3.5, it could be closer to that than a #4. you dont have to train with it, i have many a gripper that just hang on a nail, their purpose.....? honnestly my #4 and HG500 i dont use at all but they are always there when i train so i know how far i still have to go with my grip.

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Well Pete's right from what I hear, most HG grippers have a pretty hard set but a relatively easy close. My Hg300 is like that ... I think, I haven't shut it yet to be honest I just think that's the ay it is. Mine's a beast like yours.

You could also use it as a goal gripper as Pete says.

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