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No Set Strapholds

big bri

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Do you guys think that doing no set strapholds would be beneficial or is it better to MMS the gripper and then do the straphold? I find that in training I'm good for one straphold on the BBSM with a 10 lb plate and then because of doing BFNs I have to drop down to strapholds on the #2. I think that it may be better to do a no set straphold with a #2 and 10 lb plate as opposed to a MMS straphold on the 2 with a 25 lb plate. let me know what you guys think! thanks.

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i like them personally. i am currently trying to get my BBSM closed ccs, so all my gripper workouts are at ccs or no set from here on out.

with the no set strap holds, it feels as though you have to work harder to keep the weight up due to the fact that the gripper isn't wedged into the sweet spot, and as you close it, the palm handle moves.

i do them tns with my heavily filed #1, and with about 5 to 5 1/2 pounds. not much but that is at the end of all my working sets, if i do them with the #2, which is also filed, i do them ccs, but they still kick my butt.

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