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Gtg Type Grip Training?


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Has anyone tried Pavel's GTG type training when it comes to grips? If you're not familiar, basically it's doing 1 or 2 reps, 8-10 times throughout the day, every day with a gripper that you can only get 1-2 reps with.

I have a Coc#1 and am getting a #2 for Christmas :D . Also thinking about an Ivanko- any word on these?

I can close the #1 10-12 reps each hand right now, but have hit a wall doing my present W/O:

Mon, Wed, Fri: 1-5 ladders (15 total reps each set), 3 sets (45 total reps in all- each hand). 2 sets of fully contracted holds each hand for as long as I can hold

it. 3 sets of wrist rollers (20lbs) 4 full roll-ups each set.

Perhaps, now that I look at it, I may be overtraing...

It looks like most of you grip train much like powerlifters train, that overtraining is pretty easy to hit. I was always under the impression that the hands/wrists were difficult to overtrain...looks like maybe I'm wrong on that...

Any thoughts?


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ivanko its very usefull have a credit card distance and u can use it reverse also.

i believe in the greasing the groove u are doing many times a day for lets say 2 reps at the time but these 2 reps are about 50% of your max (lets say u can do 4 reps to failure) ... if u are doing 2 reps each time u are working to the failure(it doesnt work) . if u are using 50% of your max u should do only 1 rep wich i believe its very minimal. I think GTG works doing 5 reps at the time with a weight i can pick for 10 reps.

A friend of mine used it it grest results:-)

best of luck

train hard

(i am not an expert)

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Not yet, but it's something I'm considering trying. Grippers are obviously handy for this type of training since you can walk round with them in your pocket all day. I'm thinking it might work well on rolling thunder too.

You certainly can overtrain your hands, but what you're doing doesn't sound too excessive. If you're overtraining your body will let you know, either you'll lose strength or get an injury.

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