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Kc Grip Fest


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I'm having a Grip Fest at my house on 12-15-07. Quite a few strong names are set to come, Ben Edwards, Travis Mickelberry, Josh Dale, Brad Manion, and of course the most feared competitor of them all, me, Scott Harris. Some non-board members will be there as well and everyone is welcome to come out. This will be a great learning experience for all, we always teach each other something new. We're just going to get together and try and set a bunch of PRs. This isn't a contest and there won't be any prizes. There will be tons of Grip equipment, steel, and more Grippers than you could imagine.

I took this straight from Josh's post but I think it serves a good point. If you're just getting into grip and you live in or around Kansas City I encourage you to come on out. We'll have some experienced guys there and you'll probably learn more in a couple of hours than you would in months trying to figure it out on your own.

The Grip Fest starts at 10:00 a.m.

PM me or tell me in this thread if you plan on coming and I will give you my address.

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Can't wait buddy! Hopefully I'm recovered enough from Gripmas to hit some PRs. I'm going to try and talk my wife's cousin into coming. He does Highland Games and is pretty gym strong so should be interesting.

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Sounds great guys!

Josh, hopefully your wife's cousin will be interested.

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He said there is a good chance he's coming. It depends on if he goes out of town with his wife. He's going to let me know closer to the date.

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Can't wait Scott. I've mentioned my steel bending PR/cert attempts to a few of you and they're all within reach. The one thing I'd like to do that I can't quite figure out, is how to bend that Polo #0 horseshoe that Dan Sweeney gave me. I don't if it's just too small for my hands, I'm not setting it correctly, it's just beyond my current strength level or a combo of these 3 factors.

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