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G2 Bolts...where Do They Fall?


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i've read Mr. Milfeld's list of calibrated FBBC pieces up top there.....and i was curious as to any info anyone had on the grade 2 bolts that come with the Beginner's Bending Bag.......they are are 6'' long and 1/4'' and 5/16'' respectively.

the 1/4'' has a triangle shape on top, looks like the Greek letter delta and the other one has what looks like BL on top



PS-i thought grippers and v-bar were addictive, but this is even worse, haha....

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I can't give you details but the G2 bolts in my beginner's bag are easier than the CRS of the same dimensions. I'd be willing to bet that most of the 5/16 G2's fall somewhere around a 6-5.5" G5 without the springyness so they might feel easier.

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All my BL bolts at 1/4 inch have been very easy but some on this board are evidently running into some that are pretty tough. Right though, they are almost always easier than cut CRS or even zinc plated of the same dimminsions.

As for the 5/16 by 6 inchers they vary alot. Some are rougher than G5s and some feel like a really tough 60d. They look cool when bent though.



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