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Training With A Cable Or Pulley/hitting Question


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To the experienced guys:

When I'm training with a cable/pulley system I've noticed as the weight gets heavier if I try to hit my body drops before my hand (still about 6-8" from the table/pad) creating lots of separation between my hand and shoulder. I started going slower so their is no separation, this is a great workout but I'm not sure how well this will transfer on the table: afraid I'll get into the habit of catching.

1. Do you recommend only training explosively and not moving up in weight until there is no separation or should I keep trying the heavier weights to build up my elbow?

2. Kind of in-line with the cable question: I've heard you're supposed to hit with your body; so do you drop your weight immediately or only enough that you can keep the distance between your hand and shoulder to a minimum.

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I do not presently train with cables so I will leave those questions to the more experienced pullers.

One word of warning though: when training to do a very hard "hit", you can wear the elbow joints down a lot faster. Make sure you are warmed up, get plenty of rest between sessions and make sure you don't overdo it.

One exercise combo I found useful is a heavy weighted negative pull-up - say 90 pounds over bodyweight for 30 seconds - then with no rest, do the arm wrestling pulls with a Rolling Thunder handle for reasonably light weight and good complete form - a wrist curl and arm wrestling pull in one continuous motion.

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