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Best Test Of Wrist Strength

Jose Jara

Best test of wrist strength  

23 members have voted

  1. 1. Wrist Curl

    • Table Top Wrist Curl
    • Wrist Curl with barbell
    • One hand Wrist Curl with dumbell
    • One hand plate Wrist Curl
  2. 2. One hand lift thumbless

    • Rolling Thunder Thumbless
    • One hand deadlift Thumbless

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It's very possible that we'll organize at the end of this year, in Spain, the first grip contest.

We think that a good contest would be:

1. Grippers . Max attempt on calibrated grippers. 4 attempts

2. Pinch. One block or three different blocks (maybe 45,55 and 65 mm) attached to a loading pin. 4 attempts

3. One hand deadlift with a official powerlifting Eleiko bar. Normal grip, No hook. 4 attempts

4. Deadlift on a 2 inch bar, double overhand. 4 attempts

5. Test of wrist strength. We don´t know...

6. Bending

I think that a good test of wrist strength is the Rolling Thunder thumbless but Jorge doesn´t think like me and his opinion is about wrist curls.

Table Top Wrist Curl is a fine lift but it's difficult because we don´t have the equipment.

Wrist Curls full range of motion is fine too but we don´t know the rules for these exercises.

The one hand deadlift thumbless with barbell is good but we have another lift in the contest very similar: the one hand deadlift.

Wrist Roller's in my opinion are not a good test of wrist strength, more of a forearm/thumb test.

So, we don´t know what's the best test of wrist strength (bending is a test, but we want to do a specific test of wrist strength) with the equipment that we have.

We have: 2 inch bar (apollon's bar..), dumbells of 2 inch, 2.5 inch. A lot of powerlifting, weightlifting barbells, calibrated eleiko plates.

Grip tools like formulator, Heavy hammer II, rolling thunder, one hand lift (british), hub, FBBC Vbar, FBBC Wrist Roller....

What's your opinion?

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Since the poll won't let me vote, I would say Table Top Wrist Curl - direct and heay. If I recall David came up with the rules for this event because it was difficult to judge wrist curls otherwise. As for equipment, all you need is a strong table?

The idea of the comp sounds brilliant!

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You have to answer in both blocks - so You know my answer! :dry The OHDL TL is my favorite!

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I would do the contest just with the first 4 disciplines. That would be very simple, but the strongest hands would win!

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i think tabletop wrist curl but only one arm at a time using dumbbells off of a padded block about four inches high where your wrist is flexed down so when you make the lift it is above parallel when you use the barbbell the bar bends to much in the middle and you cant see a good lift just my 2 cents :D

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Reverse bending has to be a good indicator. :unsure...cos that's the one I ticked!!!!

Well, would have done if it was there! :dry

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