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Another Group Of Top 20 Lists


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I'd be willing to start keeping lists of the best short braced bends if there's enough interest. We could maybe have an 8", 10" and a 12" list similar to the other lists. Of course, this would be for braced bending and I or someone else would have to calibrate a sample of the steel in question. I'd even be willing to mail out precalibrated pieces for official bends.

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You probably know what my answer is going to be but I'll give it anyway. Oh yeah!

Will this be bolts, steel, spikes or all of the above?

Count me in. It's a good time to be a braced bender. Between this news, and David's new catagories I'm stoked!


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Heck yeah Eric! Thanks to you and David for all the tremendous time and effort you guys put into keeping the lists. They help keep me motivated.

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