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Quick Question About Levering Sledges


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I really want to be able to tear a deck of cards. I've wanted to do this for about a year now but never get the time to train for it because of school/strongman training.Now that Im done with my last comp until april,I have plenty of time. I've been training the wrists on the sledge for a few weeks and went from 7 inches away from the 8 pound head to half the length (16-18inches) for 10 reps.

how much do you usually have to be able to lever to rip a deck of cards? Will I need to add weight to my 8lb? I'm also working my pinch but I dont think thats the weakpoint in my card tearing.

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I don't know if I'd lay out a one-to-one relationship between tearing and levering. Certainly they compliment each other, but...

The big thing you can do is start tearing cards.

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what worked for us was loading up on all different kinds of cards and just trying to tear them. then when you see a tear you can go from there after a while you will get it every time. wrist roller helps any kind of upper body exercise . you will get it for sure

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Figure out why you can't tear cards first. If you get a laminated deck, these are very easy, and are unable to even start a tear then take away some cards and see how much you can do. Work from there, sometimes alittle bit of technique is all that is needed for an easy deck of cards, if you find it near impossible-totally impossible to start a whole easy deck then its a strength issue.

If the cards on the outersides of the deck keep slipping before your 3/4 through your tear then it's a pinch issue.

Pretty much what these guys said though, just get some decks and start tearing!

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you don´t have to tear cards. you can also improvise by using old newspaper to get started. perhaps you look under card tearing questions, i wrote something down there.

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