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Coc Cert Idea?


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What if coc had two levels of cert. Level one could be for

people that cc set, and level two would be for parallel set.

That way all pre-rule change could move up a level and

all post-rule change could get a fair change.

What do you think?

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First of all, even if someone did a no-set pre-rule change, it wouldn't count under the current rules given that no credit card was used. Even if you made a determination of who was at level I and level II, suppose a level II who had improved his strength to the level and beyond a CC set, but now has lost most or all use of their hand. That person would be level II even though they exceeded the feat at their best, and now have no chance of re-certing. I'm sure their are other situations you could come up with, but you get the point. Most on this board, feel that the rules should have been better established at the onset because of questions and suggestions just like yours that have arisen since the rule change(s).

Also, I'd guess most of the certs weren't video taped, so you really coudn't grade all the previous cert's by your system.

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I have two thoughts:

1) They already have two levels of cert: 3 and 4.

2) Grip is a fledgling sport. The rules are changing with the sport. Your suggestion would only serve to devalue the accomplishment of the athletes who certified early in the game. I've never seen anyone suggest that we, the Grip Athletes of 2007, only train with the equipment, knowledge, and SUPPORT available to those in the early 90s.

The rules are fair as far as they apply to you, Grip Athlete of 2007.

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it may be good for selling new coc grippers, namely coc4,5 and coc5 but like cannon and bencrush ( i agree with both)said MASH MOSTER gripper are here for us ...

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