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Finally Got Some Good Leater Wraps


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I meant LEATHER not sure what leater is.

I got some real wraps and wow is this bending allot easier. I am now testing my strength more than my pain tolerance. They are slightly over 1" on a 5/16" bar. I don't know how you guys use the stuff much bigger than that, but I think I may just have small hands.

I got a few new pr's, a 1/4" square at 5.5" and 3/8" aluminum at 5". I also got a 5/16" steelworks at 7" from 10 degrees. I still feel weak as hell and awkward in the kink range on a 7" bar. Any advice to help with this? I really want to get a bastard soon. I think I can get it once I can get the kink. I might actually be able to kink it reverse before I can DO.

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Some of the best advice I got was to bend 8" pieces of 5/16 and work your way down. Also, only bend things 7" or greater till you get that bastard.

I'm no expert, but I was in your shoes not too long ago. Breaking those leather pads in and gettting a very, very tight wrap will also help.

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It was that way with me too but I just started bending weaker stuff and it just fell into place. Now I almost prefer 7 inches although it was really awkward for a long time.

Great job.


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I cut some 8" 5/16" and 1/4" square. Holy crap. I can't even kink the square. What is with that? I can kill that at 5.5" but not 8"? I guess my leverage in this area is just really weak comparatively.

The 5/16" I got from 10 degrees is offset like 1.25". I bet I could probably get a 6" right now. Is that weird and has anyone else been able to get something big (a bastard for me) at a shorter length before a longer one? Is there anything wrong with just starting at 6 instead of 7? I will keep doing isos on the 8's but I just feel terribly weak much north of 6.

It just feels weird trying to hit it, I can't ever really find a good groove. A 6" I just grab it and bam, no adjusting or testings just grab and bend.

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Like the previous posts have said, trying to bend 8" long bars is an excellent way to learn the flexibility. For me, right before I learned I could bend the Bastard, I had similar PR's. What really helped me once I pulled the steel really high (right under my chin) and leaned over was this: keep the wrists locked, and really focus on pushing inward on the ends of the steel bar, trying to smash your fists together. I have found that any deviation of my wrist from a perfectly straight line will keep that kink from getting started with the tough stuff. This is especially true when bending nails and bolts rather than steel of perfectly uniform width.

Hope this helps. Good luck to you. You are right where you need to be strength-wise, now it's time to fine-tune the technique a bit.

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