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Whey Consortium Power Challenge


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As part an informal but pre-planned power and strength competition that those training at the Whey Consortium training camp here in Gloucester are holding I'm also offering a two handed pinch competition.

The power and strength section may include Terry Hollands (subject to his diary staying as is) doing a 400-kilo deadlift. Myself and Nick McKinless are hoping to bench 180-kilos, Laurence Shahlaei wants a 350-kilo deadlift and there are several other informal targets being set. So far we have 16 names down. Although not subject to any IPF etc refereeing the passing of said lifts will be strictly applied.

As part of the hoped for 2007 calander (David Horne has two further events planned for this year alone and we hope to include the Swindon Grip event - subject to Chris agreeing) the Whey Consortium Power Challenge will take place in December on Saturday 22nd PRIOR to the main event.

There is no entry fee and so no prizes but you MUST be a BHSA member to get any lift accepted for listing on the records. Non BHSA members can take part but they will not have their lifts recognized by or placed on the BHSA listings.

Usual two hand pinch rules apply and we will be using the approved Euro pinch and calibrated plates.

All lifters and attendees will be asked to place the usual £2.00 training fee in our jar - money raised thus is used to buy chalk and equipment etc for the not-for-profit gym part of the business.

As a hint of what might be possible Rob Frampton has been training lads and himself down in Portsmouth and has been claiming a 115-kilo pinch using 2 x 20-kilo plates. Others there have hit 90+. Nick McKinless told me this week he is going to start training it next week, David Horne and I will be back in hard training this week also.

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Rob is a strong bloke, and reached the UK Strongest Man final this year. I've chatted to him a few times, and he has a strong grip. It should be very interesting.

Also Nick is so strong on the pinch, and Steve is coming on stronger every month.

I will put myself forward for this - as Steve says time to get training!


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If Rob can hit those numbers on the day, along with David, Nick and Steve we have the possibility of at least four people hitting 100kg plus pinches. Off the top of my head I cannot remember, would that be the most in one competition??

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Whey Consortium Power Challenge

Saturday Dec 22nd, 2007.

Venue; Whey Gym, Gloucester


Richard (age 19) - 140kg Log

Kye (age 17) - 85kg log


Laurence Shahlaei - 317.5kg

Harry Shahlaei (age 18) - 230kg

Allan Lister - 230kg

Two Hands Pinch Lift

David Horne - 107.5kg

Nick McKinless - 102.6kg

Steve Gardener - 101.9kg

Laurence Shahlaei - 97.9kg

Harry Shahlaei (age 18) - 97.2kg

Bench Press

Shawn Kenny - 182.kg

Steve Gardener - 177.5kg

Allan Lister - 175kg

Nick McKinless - 160kg

Laurence Shahlaei - 160kg

Richard (age 19) - 160kg

David Horne - 145kg

Harry Shahlaei (age 18) - 142.5kg

Sam Solomi - 110kg

Kye (age 17) - 105kg

Ant - 85kg


Laurence Shahlaei - 350kg

Allan Lister - 280kg

Shawn Kenny - 260kg (Axle)

Harry Shahlaei (age 18) - 260kg

Kye (age 17) - 200kg

Ant - 190kg

A great time, with some super lifts, performed by strong guys - then a lovely meal after. What more can you ask for! If this is on next year I’m definitely on for it again.

Some massive Deadlifts as you can see, with Loz pulling a mighty 350k (770lbs), and his 18 year old brother Harry pulling 260k easily!

The Pinch Lift was a hot contest (unlike the very cold venue, brrr) with all 5 lifters above 97k, and I was about 3” away from nailing 112.3k for a new World Record – another day!

The Bench Press saw some big lifts with Shawn getting 182.5k, and Steve Gardener getting 177.5k in the slowest style I’ve ever seen. Shawn’s got brute strength and tenaciousness in abundance, and when he eventually harnesses this with technique he will be pulling some serious lifts.



Many thanks to Nick for organising the day, and to all the helpers and members of the Whey Gym. Have a Merry Christmas and all the best for 2008!

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Congrats to all - some very strong performances!

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Very nice lifting, guys!

Some major damage was done to the pinch list. :rock

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Tremendous lifting and sounds like a fun day.

Nice pinch Steve and Nick :rock David, looks like the next year the world record will be yours again.

Loz and Harry are super strong guys by the numbers!! terrific pinch and monster deadlifts. WOW!!

Well done to all,


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Very impressive numbers overall, congrats.

David benches with the injured shoulder some nasty weight. :rock

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The Pinch record will definitely fall next year.


I've only just started Benching again, and decided to have a crack on the day even though I benched the night before. I was very pleased with 145k, and felt there was a touch more on the day. I hope that I can get back to where I was.


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