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Hand Injury - Looking For Tips To Help Recovery


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Howdy guys,

I recently injured my thumb during judo practice. It got twisted up in my opponent's gi and wrenched on pretty hard about a week ago. Right now, I basically have no crushing grip or pinch grip. Support grip is still pretty much ok.

Anyway, I was wondering what you guys do to help recovery of something like this. I've been using ice and Aleve. As far as exercises, I've been using light rubber bands to work the extensors and get blood flow to the hand, but not much else. I was thinking that rice digs might be helpful, but I'm not sure. Just looking for some imut as to what has helped others.


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Contrast baths! Also you might try dexterity balls once it starts to heal a little bit. That is a good dexterity movement for the thumb. It will get some blood there and if you do them with the balls not touching it provides a pretty good ROM for the thumb.

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I agree with makey98,thats pretty much what i would have said.

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use a light weight catch the weight with all your hand and do a wrist curl ... you are using only the disc:-) it works

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