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Getting Back To Work


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the last couple of weeks have been pretty weird, got sick, weird work schedule, and went down due to heat exhaustion again, but my workouts were going pretty well up to last saturday. we started range week for the troops, and food is scarce on the range, and so is relief from the heat, so i haven't gotten a workout in all week. Did do PT with the troops in the morning, but it isn't the same thing, and even those workouts were draining.

gonna hit the gym tommorrow though, and get back on schedule. couple of my lifts have really improved though. overhead (1/4 movement) presses are at 225 now, and my presses from the forehead are 205 in the power rack. my bench is up to 275. deadlifts from the knees are 495 with 3-5 second hold at the top, but from the floor, i'm not sure though, 375 was my last try, and it was after the knee dl's. getting my form back in the squat again, and got 265 from the bottom position.

have been rolling alot lately with the guys at work, might compete at a base tournament this year, or the beginning of next. also hope i get some serious time to work on my lifts, want to try and compete in maybe a push/ pull, or powerlifting event. competing is turning into something i really want to try. Highland games is looking pretty fun as well.

Grip wise, i have also been slacking, but the layoff seemed to help, tonight i got a solid NS close with the #2. been trying to get that for a bit. just a hair short still from TNS. also got a block weight, half of a 50lb db. its pretty fun.

gonna start posting agin in the workout section again. ya know what, i think the layoff did do some good, i'm feeling motivated as heck now.

welp, take care and good lifting.

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